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Monday, June 4, 2012

NYC Food and Fashion Trends Part 2

Hello everyone!

Here is part 2 of my New York City blog. It appears I probably will make up to 4 parts of the blog.
So we decided to visit New York City's main Chinatown in Manhattan. It was a rainy, cloudy day but it was still fun strolling around the streets. 

This fellow looks so tired and stressed. 
You can see that the fog is starting to lift. 
Oh neat! I always wanted to see this. Even he is Chinese!
The weather is making everyone feel tired. 

Umm... what is this? Does anyone know?

John wanted to take his friends to a soup dumpling place. We decided to go to Shanghai Asian Manor. This was right beside the other Chinese place where Anthony Bourdain visited yesterday. 

Please click here if you want to see the place Anthony visited:

This is what it looked like in the inside. I love the way how the room was designed. Very trendy and unique.
I wish I had that in my room. But on the second thought, do I really want to dust every panel of the wall?
Light up gigantic food posters...We don't have that in Toronto but I have seen the gigantic posters in Korea town. 

We ordered some Kau Fu. It pretty much is bean curd or a type of tofu. I know it does not appear appetizing to the eye but It tastes really good! I would describe this dish has cold tofu that kind of tastes meaty and marinated in what tastes like sweet soy sauce.

Sauce for the Soup Dumpling with shredded ginger.
When I took a bite of it, it appeared to have the texture of deep fried tofu. 
Our soup dumpling is here! 

Believe it or not, but it was very hard to obtain this shot of the soup dumpling. I wanted to show the inside of the dumpling but it kept on collasping. :( Sorry I didn't do a good job.

Har Gow! My favourite! 

Wonton in Chilli Sauce Oil
Seafood and veggies on fried noodles. 

It arrived on our table with this golden glow. Could it be? It's Golden Fried Rice from the Anime Cooking Master Boy!

Dean ordered the Beef Stew
General Tso's Chicken. My shutter wasn't fast enough! 
Shanghai Asian Manor on Urbanspoon
This place would be 4.5/5.0. The server was friendly, Food arrived fresh and fast. Atmosphere was clean and approprete. I would definately return to this place when I am back in New York City.

For more info:

21 Mott St
(between Mosco St & Park Row)
New York, NY 10013
(212) 766-6311

After that meal, we walked to the Manhatten Bridge as per someone's request. It was still raining intermittently while we were walking but we did not mind.

As we were walking towards to bridge footwalk, John almost stepped in human BM (bowel movement) on the stairs. We all concluded it was probably a homeless guy did it because it probably can be a private area during the night time. There was BM on the wall too.

Behind Mykee, there was a mother and her kid son walking closely behind us.
Kid: Mom, there's shit.
Mother: Noooo shit.
Mykee: It's not "Nooo Shit" there is Shit.

I think the mother did not want to encourage her son utilizing slang into his vocabulary but clearly, there was shit.

I took some photos of some random scribbles written by people who walked the bridge. I thought some of the scribbles were really interesting.

My favourite scribble! 

My second favourite scribble! LOL! 

This reminds me of the trailer of Despicable Me 2. 

At the end of our hike, we ended up on the in a small garden in the middle of the streets. 

I was joking that John's friend Luis lost his feathers.But we found them! 
The TopShop! 
Emo John.

Cool chandeliers! 

I love how this was layed out! 
That Heart is heavy! I touched it and it appears to be entirely ceramic.

Tie dye for the beach people. 
Other trends.

I love these colourful cages! 

Men fashion trends. 

John's relative's sister mentioned these cupcakes. She said there were gigiantic ones too! 
These huge cupcakes were the size of 2 fists put together! 
NYC's H&M's top floor. 

Bottom floor
I tried to capture them all into the frame. 
I liked this concept of adding fake eye lashes on faceless mannequin. 

These mannequins are cool! 

Welcome to Uniqlo! This was my favourite retail store in New York. The greeter stood there greeting people so when we were at the entrance of the store, we consistently heard, "Hi, Welcome to Uniqlo!" I spent most of my money in this store. I purchased 3 skinny jeans, one Hello Kitty T-shirt, one striped t-shirt and a matching pair of shorts with it. All this was only for about $130! 

Click to see the t-shirts moving inside the display case. 

Very eye-catchy! 

Color Blocking nicely done! 

Asian cartoons such as One Piece and Hello Kitty was in style. 

I liked this T-shirt. 
The Adias Store

We walked to Korea Town! 

John wanted to eat a live Octopus as the main character in the Korean Movie, Old Boy did. Unfortunately, all of the octopus in downtown Korea town were dead and only Korea town in Flushing was live.

We almost went into this place to eat but decided not to. 

Instead, we ended up eating at this place. I wasn't too hungry so I ordered a light meal. We went there only a few hours before it closed.

I ordered Cold Noodles in soup or Naengmyeon. 

Ban Chan or side dishes.

The roasted seaweed salad was good! 
Potato and Egg salad but it also had fruits like sliced apples in it too! 
Beef soup 
Ttuk Buki, spicy rice cakes. It also had glass noodles. 

Yukijang was awesome! I finished it for my friend. It was that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John and Mykee ordered the Beef Bone soup. 
My cold noodles came in a huge bowl. Everyone was like"Whhhaaat?" This bowl was the size of a small to medium sized watermelon! 
The cold noodles were refreshingly good! It has a huge slice of asian pear, sliced beef, half a boiled egg, julianned cucumbers and radishes. I really enjoyed my meal. 
Fried Man Do or dumplings. 
I think that was like Shu mai or something. 
I give this place a 3.5/5.0. I think we were all tired because we walked the entire day so we were hit, sticky and tired.
New York Kom Tang Kalbi House on Urbanspoon
For more info:

NY Kom Tang Soot Bul Kal Bi

32 W 32nd St, New York 10001
(Btwn Broadway & 5th Ave)

Phone: (212) 947-8482

John wanted to visit this place. I told him next time. 

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