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Monday, June 18, 2012

St. Lawrence Market + Habits Gastropub

I got to go to sleep soon. But I will try to finish all of my blogs before I leave town for work. 

About 2 weeks ago, John and I went to Front St. We originally planned to watch Hunger Games the movie at Rainbow Cinema Theatres. However when we reached the theatre, we sadly discovered they took out Hunger Games a long time ago. Damn it! I got bamboozled by their website. So we ended up watching Snow White and the Huntsmen. John did not have any desire to watch the movie because the guy from YouTube, Sexy Phil reviewed the movie on his movie club. Phil said that it was horrible. Well, he was dead right on!
I would NOT even recommend renting this movie when it comes out on DVD or Blu-Ray. 
By the way, there was a really bad, corny scene where Snow White is escaping the Evil Step Mother into the woods and she accidentally gets high off of mushrooms and starts hallucinating. 

On our way to the St. Lawrence Market, we took a short cut. There is usually a very interesting piece of art in his restaurant's lawn. I can't recall which restaurant it was but you will know when you see it. They change the art pretty often. Probably every month or two?

Meat ... meat... and more meat! 

I thought this was interesting....
Doesn't it look so good? :D

I believe John purchased the Spinach Pie
And I had my Samosa! 
We were very interested in the fish! They look so good! 

If you are a pickle fan, you need to try these pickles! I tried these hot pickes and my face started to perspire. That was one spicy pickle! 
I thought this was also very interesting. St. Lawrence Market has vegetables I had never heard of. 
The Creamy tart was calling my name.

The father was showing his baby meat. 
This was huuuuge! 
Who likes Bison burgers? 
Next time, I would like to try an Authentic soft German Pretzel. I have a thing for Pretzels. :D 
I thought it was a creative name for the store. Oodles of Strudels! 
It looks like Deep Violet Jewels.... So shiny! 

They had cheese samples! 
Mustard based dips!  They were really strong! 

There was this gigantic swiss cheese! I have a weakness for swiss cheese! 

Who eats Beefs Cheeks? I had no idea people eat beef cheeks. Well, I guess you learn something everyday. :D 
What Emu? The only time I recall speaking to someone in regards to Emu meat was my preceptor. She was allergic to everything even commerical salt! I think she talked about consuming certain types of meat she did not have a reaction to... which were Emu, Rabbit, and was it Kangaroo meat? 
John was like, "I like going to St. Lawrence Market. You get to eat free food and get tipsy for free."The French vanilla cream tasted like Baileys. 
There was a huge crowd over Buster's Sea Cove. I love their menu! I would like to try out their Haddock and Halibut Fish. 

More Fish! 

John was interested in a fresh Mackerel so he can learn to grill it himself one day. 
I should have taken a photo of the place. I cannot remember the name but they make fresh pasta. two ladies were handing out free samples. This was the best raviolli I've ever had! But it was quite pricey. Next time. :P

The sample cart. 

Oh what? Bacon Burgers? That's a heart attack in a bun! 
Lol, Butt Roast? 

The bakery had a variety of different types of cakes. I took many shots as you can see! :D

Yum, the Red Velvet Cheesecake looks divine! 
I think I have seen these cakelets in Loblows as well. 

I am definately planning to try this when I return. Yum! Strawberry ganache!
And this too. I prefer white chocolate over milk and dark. 

I would die for a cabbage roll right now...

This looked interesting. I never had a potato knish before. 
Fresh Perogies! 

Fresh Crepes! 

Cupcake shots! 

All sorts of salsa is sold at the market 
John and I faved the Mango Salsa.
I have no idea what you call these Jellies. I like to call them Christmas Jams because my first encounter with the red pepper jam was in a Christmas Basket as a gift. It was surprisingly delightful, sweet and tangy in my mouth. 

This seriously tasted like sushi! I dare you to try some! 
This is red pepper jelly. my fave! 

Free tissue for everyone! 

John purchased a few different types of Ginger Beers. 

Ah, another cheese shop! I know there is one on Avenue Road somewhere. 

Habits Gastropub on Urbanspoon
There was a hamburger event in Toronto where they had a bunch of $5 hamburgers on sale in various places throughout Toronto. We decided to go to Habits gastropub but as we stepped into the restaurant, we were informed immediately that the last $5 burger was sold.
Poor John. He was so disappointed but we stayed any ways. 

The atmosphere was clean and modern. 

I had avocado soup which was thick, creamy and good!  

John ordered the fish and chips. 

And the calamari which was presented in an artistic manner.
It was so pretty I didn't want to eat it. 

check out the pink oil! 
The fries which were really like wedges. 
The calamari dip which looked like soy sauce but it did not taste like soy sauce. 

I noticed on the last minute they have this chalk board menu on top of their kitchen which was neat. 

I would rate the Habits Gastropub 3.5 / 5.0. Food tasted good but it did not stand out. Enviroment was clean and the server was friendly and attentitive. I would come back to this place if they had the $5 burger event but I would visit in the beginning of the event. That was my mistake. 

For more information:


Habits Gastropub is closest to Ossington Station.
Transfer to 63 Ossington Bus towards Liberty Village

24 hour streetcar available, Only steps away from our doors

506 Carlton
College Street at Dovercourt

Green Parking
Closest parking can be found at: 

9 Bonar St 
West of Dufferin St. 

146 Harrison Street 
3 blocks south of Dovercourt 
and College

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