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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beer Fest(ival) 2012

Hello everyone! John and I decided to attend the Beer Festival. Apparently John waited 4 years to attend this event. 

It was at the Exhibition where CNE is. As you can see it was a nice, sunny hot day. 
We did not know where we were going. We followed these guys. 
We walked and walked and walked. It was probably about a 15 minute walk to get to Gate A.  We thought we came early but there were some enthusiatic fans present. It seemed there were about 50 people in front of us. It was really hot as I have mentioned before. To my surprise people were already getting rowdy in line screaming out, "I need a beer!!!!"

So we got in and we recieved our personal steins which you will see later. If we break it, there would be a $20 fee to get another stein so I stored my stein in my backpack. John told me to bring a back pack because there would be a lot of freebies given away. I think it was due to the poor economy but the only thing that was really free was the beef jerky and tattoos. We only got 3 t-shirts but we had to earn them. So we were pretty disappointed there nothing free that was actually useful like pens and notepads. I guess those items are more of nursing conference freebies. ;P

John has to do Push-ups for the red t-shirt . They handed me a small t-shirt which was sadly too small for me. Just because I am a short girl doesn't mean that I wear small tops..*Sigh* I should work out more often.

Click on the link if you would like to see this guy who never did push ups for me during the 5 years I was with him but he did it for the t-shirt.

The girl made me sit on John while doing push ups.

Burgers for the hungry... Just looking at these photos are making me excited for the CNE/The Exhibition. 

I ended up trying the Edo sausage and the K-Song tacos. You will see more photos later in the blog. 

If this photo wasn't good enough, please click on the link below to see the swine being grilled and the fat dripping.

Beautiful scenery 

Beer Booths

Nice hats! :D 

I thought this was so weird but Bell, Toronto Star and Rogers was present during the Beer fest. 
Mustache tattoos 
The stein

I saw this young man from the distance playing around with what initially appeared to be a butterfly knives. I was like, "This is weird. First Bell, Toronto Star, Rogers and now Butterfly knives?" As we walked closer, it turned out that it actually was a beer opener in a butterfly knife form. Pretty neat, eh?

Click on the link below if you would like the young man doing tricks with his butterfly. 

I think I had some sips of John's beer but for some odd reason, this looked appealing to me. I spent 3 tokens ($3) for this cup of disappointment. 
Looks ok right? 
I just think this mixture just didn't agree in my mouth. After a few sips, I thought this tasted disgusting. I enjoyed the chunks of ice cream in the drink :D. 
This was the best thing that I have ever drank at Beer Fest. This cider tasted like an alcoholic apple flavoured sparkling water. I would totally drink this again on my own free will. I would also recommend this to those who isn't a beer drinker as I. How do I describe it? It was this yummy apple fragrant beer. 
Drunk #2 walks off. 
There is drunk #1 and drunk #3, LOL! I wonder what Dr. Seuss thinks of these T-shirts. 
There wasn't a big line for the Big 3 and Corona. 

Oh just don't fit in. 

More recycled beer hats.

The beer made us hungry so we went back to K-Song. We were checked out their menu earlier. And interestingly enough, K-Song is not a restaurant. They go hopping from different restaurants renting out the place for the night. They said they were recently at New York City and it's a lot of fun. We tried the beef taco. It was really good. 

I had the Edo Kobe Beef hot dog. I haven't had a hot dog for the longest time. I had one in june 2010. Then I took a bite of the hot dog at Don Don's this year. But I just had to try it. It wasn't amazing but I can tell you the texture of the sausage was a lot softer and juicer. I showered my hot dog with fried garlic as you can see. 
Don't forget Edo's own home made Japanese Mayo and regular Ketchup.

At one end of the festival, there were about 3 food trucks. John recognized this blue truck.

Cool! It kinda looks like these wacky, washing machines.
I was interested in the bloody orange beer and the cherry beer. 

The beer made us hungry again. So this time, I ordered 2 Fish Korean Tacos for $9. It was one of the most memorable delicious things I have ever eaten this year. I never tasted anything like it. I never had fish tacos and I heard from the movie, "I love you man" that they are really good.

The battered fish was perfectly crunchy and crispy that whenever someone looks up the word "crispy" and/or "crunch" there should be a photo of this fish taco in the Webster Dictionary. 
Anyways, the chef really knew what he was doing and created a fantastic taco.
Kimchi isn't really spicy but it was a gentle kick in your mouth which complimented the pineapple salsa,  the sweetness of the cucumber salad and the caramel crunch. This was gluten free by the way. 
For more info in regards to the tacos visit:

LOL! I liked it how the Korean Chef put on his mask! I guess he wanted to be faceless for the shot.

Bird Show Part 1

Bird Show Part 2

Bird Show Part 3

Bird Show Part 4

Bird Show Part 5

After the very educational bird show, there was a boss who wanted his beer to be known so he conducted a taste test. There were 3 of us and we all had the opportunity to what the 3 beers taste like. And then, we were all blind folded and had to taste and guess which beer we had. We had 3 different beers. And it turned out that I, (I am not a beer drinker and I even mentioned it to the boss) did the best and I got 2/3 guesses correct. The dark beer was really really strong!

We could not resist taking a photo with the boss with his free tattoos on my faces. 
That was his 3 beers. 

This was another, "Yummy Beer" It has the after taste of Bananas dancing in your mouth.
I personally think this Banana Beer would pair well with Banana anything. Banana Cream Pie, Banana Bread, A banana....

So this is John's current Favourite Beer. He was upset after coming from camp because apparently he purchased this beer and did not intent to share it with anyone at camp. 

He took a photo with the guy who is in charge of the booth. 
And the server.
That's his fave.

That guy intentionally made that goofy face. There was a bit of an uproar because apparently in the beginning, Asahi charged for a cheaper price for beer but after 3 or 4pm the prices increase.
Tip: Come Early when the Beer Fest Gates first Open. 
So that is like 2 tokens = $2 for half a stein and $5 for one full stein
They had Jumbo Jenga! 

What was this? Beef heart sandwich? John had that. I totally passed when he offered me a bite. 
I can't miss this!I was actually mentioned to John, "I wondering if there actually in a food festival, not taste of danforth but a general food festival? " 

Well, God answered that question through a back of the portable truck.

There was a line up for these beers. Apparently, these beers are known to be really good. 

After the beer fest, we got hungry again. I wanted Pizza so we dropped by to Da-Maria Ristorante. 
Da Maria Pizzeria & Dining Lounge on Urbanspoon

John ordered pepperoni and sardines on his side and I had tomatoes on my side. We also had oregano and fresh garlic (really dehydrated garlic) sprinkled on top. 

I would definitely go for pizza here again. I hate Pizza Pizza's pizzas. Lol!

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