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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Home-Made Bibim Bap, Dragon Ballz Drinks and Holy Chuck!

Hello everyone!
Hope all is well. 
Bibim Bap is one of my favourite healthy Korean foods that really hit the spot. Too be quite frank, I am not a rice person. Allow me to clarify.....
When I have rice with side dishes, I would rather fill up my belly with side dishes because 90% of it is vegetarian/vegan. I had somewhat recently switched to brown rice. I noticed I take longer to consume brown rice because it requires me to chew more so I consume about 1 small scoop of rice.

What you see in the photos is about 2 small scoops of rice. I had used raw pine nut seeds, fried eggs (I usually use 3 eggs, I dump out 2/3 yolks. People, your body produces approximately an average of 75% cholesterol by your liver.), fresh pineapples, marinate spinach, black and white sesame seeds, about 1 tea spoon of Agave syrup, Korean red pepper paste and Sesame Oil.
Mix it all together and you got that Korean dish that was shown a couple of times in the Korean drama called Full House starring Song Hye-kyo and Rain.
Nooo! These are NOT collector items! It was quite disappointing to learn that these drinks are worthless. :(

Can you guess which character is who? Let's see who is truly a Dragon Balls Z Fan.
This one is too obvious... 
LOL, this was is a dead give away. 

Hey, it's that cute clown with the really cute voice. 


Coconut Milk Soup from Taste of Thai House On St. Clair. 
I have already blogged about this place but it's a really good restaurant to eat in . I think they are heart-friendly so they use only vegetable oils and no MSG if I recall correctly.  
I'm telling you this soup is what magic tastes like. 

One night, John and I walked to this place because I initially craved for fries. However, by the time we arrived, all I wanted to try was a milk shake. 

Cool, they got this competitive eating contest. Furious Pete should come here. 
For those, who do not know Furious Pete, Pete is a Canadian Competitive eater.
Here is a link to one of this videos. He really is a great guy. He eats, exercises, is  one handsome man and has a great personality. 

Click here to view one of his videos...If you do decide to watch it, check out Pete's facial expression with the 8lb burger is presented before him. I just thought it was a funny expression.

There was a picture of this kid in the wall of shame. LOL! 

Please don't mind John's face. Why does he look like his friend, William? 
Behold, an apple pie milk shake. It was really good for the first few sips but after a while, it was too sweet for me. 
It tasted like vanilla ice cream, milk, cinnamon powder and apples are pie ready (those apples that are already peeled, sliced and marinated in a really thick syrup)

These chilli fries has bacon in it. 

The Holy Chuck
Double Cheese burger with Bacon & Caramelized onions, Please don't put any toppings! 
I thought this burger has a salty taste and realized later there was bacon in it. I personally don't consume bacon. 

The food here is quite good. This is not my first time trying out foods from this restaurant. Unfortunately, there are no vegetarian burgers. I would rate this place 3.5/5.0. I think they should have at least one veggie burger on their menu. The atmosphere is clean, they have Pac-Man to the gamers out there and the staff was very friendly.

For more information:

1450 Yonge St. Toronto

They close on Sundays

For their PDF Menu:

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