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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Korean Village Restaurant

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Hello everyone!

Today, I will blog about one of my favourite Korean Restaurants in Toronto. 
I don't visit this place too often but I really should. My dad introduced me to this place because he eats out here and knows the owner. 
The very first time I came here was graduation day in 2010. John's parents met my parents and my father suggested eating an early dinner together. So my father selected this place. It was an excellent choice. The atmosphere of the place was appropriete and although John's father personally could not consume spicy foods, there were many non-spicy food items he can choose from. 

This is a family restaurant. I sometimes see the owner's son working. He's a really nice guy. 
They had a huge wall of photos of celebrities who visited the restaurant. Jacki Chan and Hee Son Kim were one of the many. 
Side dishes were (from left to right top row): cabbage kimchi, korean pickles, soy bean sprouts (bottom row), stir fry fish cakes (I love! ) and cucumber kimchi.
John's father ordered mushroom and beef soup. It looked Chinese style soup like cream of corn soup. 
I could not resist ordering cream of corn soup.
Shrimp Fried Rice
I loooove shrimp!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Boat! 
I haven't had sushi for months now! This definitely satisfied my sushi cravings. 

Stone Bowl (Chicken) It was slightly spicy. 
Look at all of the toppings! An egg sunny side up. You can see a bit of the yellow yolk. Green onions, roasted seaweed, Kimchi, roasted sesame seeds. 
Ja Jang Mein the ultimate Korean kid food!
I recall I always order the Black Bean noodles or omo(omlette) fried rice
The onions in the sauce was so good! Crunch and sweet! 
Behold, the grill for the Korean BBQ and Pork Belly.
This was my first time seeing pork belly. It was actually really pretty. 
It appears the restaurant made their own sauce seeing how the oil was separating. You can't see it here in the photo. It was a fermented bean sauce. 
Lettuce for the Korean BBQ wrap
Meat is sizzling on the grill. The server did all of the grilling. She just added the Korean BBQ. 
Cooked meat. I tried the pork belly for the first time. I thought it would be juicy and tender but it had the texture of dried octopus. I didn't like the grilled pork belly. 
I did not have rice so I used my black bean noodles. Hey, it's all the same in your stomach. :P I added a roasted garlic and the fermented bean sauce to the wrap. It was all good. 

A lolly was given as we left the place.
The place was clean, tidy and the server was attentive and nice. I would recommend everyone visiting this place despite what the occasion is. You get to sit in those private booths if they are available.

We had to go shopping at PAT Market along the way.

Mini Cuke? lol! 
Are these lemons? Nope.
It's a Quince. I have no idea what Quinces are....
So I wikipediaed it and apparently they are fruits related to apples and pears. 
What is up with these girly fruit names? Sweet Dream Peache?? 
It appears to be regular peaches and white peaches to me. 
Who likes Kim Bap? Now they come in skinny mode. 
I don't know what these deep fried cookies are called but I do enjoy eating them during New Years. 
More Kim Bap! 
Japanese soda with a marble, Ramune. 
More Ramune.... I guess they decided they need to make it more Americanized. 
Calpico! A watered down yogurt drink. 
Fermented soy bean paste. Yum yum! 
For Deng Jahng Chi Gae,
Soy bean sprouts
Japanese Mayo! I love their mayo its super creamy and rich! I guess that is why this baby has a pot belly. ;P
Oh what?! Limited Edition Dragon Ball Z Vitamin Drinks! We purchased one of each. John is collecting them hoping one day, these items would be expensive.

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