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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Taste Of Danforth Part 1

Late Entry - Friday, August 10, 2012
Hello everyone!

I hope everyone gotten the opportunity to wind down and relax this summer.

I went to my second festival of the summer. I have been waiting about 4 years or more to participate in Taste of Danforth but unfortunately never did... until now :D

Enjoy the photos! :D

 I got my eye on this Fish & Chips Place. 


 I love Coconut water! 

 Lol! Tarts that are half filled. 

 Waiting in line for free pizza Nova.

 Bruschetta Pizza is the best! 

 I really did enjoy their calamari but personally preferred a bit more batter on mines.

 It was soo good! The calamari was extra crispy and their legs were about 4 inches!!!

 The butter chicken was... meh. I had more flavourful, fragrant butter chicken in the past. 

 Who likes shucked oysters? 

 Cute little burgers! :D

 Didn't try Spinach pies that day...   :(

 Chicken Souvlaki was sooo good! 

 There was a huge line at MEGAS and we understood when we took a bite of their fresh chicken on a stick. It was the best souvlaki I had ever had!

There was free beer but it was horrible!! 

 Who knew Coffee and Ice cream would go together so well!?

 Hello Kitty is back in PEZ. 
 Thor and Captain America Pez
 Iron Man and 2-Face Pez
 We actually purchased this...

 and this...

You can tell if quail is fresh. It will dance for you as it flips over the grill.

 I thought the ferris wheel was spinning really fast that night. 

 We got Indian Tandoori Chicken Pizza. It was really good! 

 This reminded me of the Godfather and I could not resist ordering one cannoli.

Coconut water wasn't exactly what I expected. I guess I had gotten accustomed to coconut juice in a can. 


Arjun Pisharody said...

The pictures are amazing. Do you plan to do the same this year???
Would sure look forward to them if you do.

Soo Min Lee said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed my photos! Yes, I do plan to attend The Taste of Danforth this year.