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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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Hello Foodies!
I have visited Japango recently. It was a very cosy restaurant. It was approximately size of 2 small bedrooms put together. The staff members were friendly and provided excellent service. You know you're in a good restaurant if the server approaches you and asks for your personal feedback and if everything is okay. 

 I liked her Bento Box better :(
 It's so pretty! The colours of sushi is giving me an idea for my next bracelet. 
 Comparing to my friend's bento box, my bento appears to be bare. I was hoping for some more sashimi. I was going to either 
A) Order more food
B) Order Pizza
because I did not feel full immediately. When I arrived home, that is when I felt full and satisified. I got to remember I am greedy with food and tend to over eat. :( 
Well, that is what exercise is for :D
 Very interesting sashimi pieces that were selected. There were two types of sashimi pieces I weren't familiar with but were delightful to the mouth. The Sashimi were super fresh and melted in my mouth. 
White rice, I have not see you in a while! I only eat brown rice so it was a wonderful treat to have white rice this week.

I would recommend you visiting this place if you enjoy Japanese food and sushi. Bring one friend along due to the limited space of the place. If more than 2 people are coming, it may be more challenging finding a table to sit in. There were only about 2 tables that can accommodate for approximately 4 people. Bring about $20 or more.

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