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Monday, October 22, 2012

A surprise Dinner after a shift on the Unit.

My day was going well on the unit until literally "shit" happened. Lol, I won't go further into detail...

My friend surprised me with a dinner! :D

 Yes! My friend got me Har Gow, shrimp dim sums which are my favourite!!!

 It was my first time having the crab claw .. I never had real crab before...
 Veggies... vermicelli, shrimp fried onto peppers. I love bok choi!!!
 Ah, the egg tart...
Brings me back a nostalgic high school memory when things were good. My close guy friend at the time, Kevin Sam. His favourite Chinese dessert was the Egg Tart. It initially appeared great to the eyes but I recall vividly disliking this dessert on my first attempt. Kevin was deeply offended as I offered him the rest of my Egg Tart. Kevin yelled at me, "Are you F***king stupid?! That's the best!!!" My second time trying out the Egg tart was this week. I actually changed my mind about the Egg tart. It's good ! Maybe I was being a stupid kid.
 Look at these lovely har gows....

 So my friend explained it to me that the Crab Claw is pretty much crab claw in wrapped with shrimp meat on the outside. 
 Succulent shrimp!!!!

That's a nice bite !

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