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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

House of Gourmet Seafood, BBQ, Noodle Restaurant

Hello Food lovers!
I hope everyone is looking forward for fall and winter. 

I recently fell in love with Baguettes  There are some awesome whole wheat Baguette at Loblaws. I need to take a snap shot next time I purchase the whole wheat baguette. 

White Baguettes

Sorted Cheese. Mild Gouda, Mozerella and swiss cheese. I was recently texting a friend in regards to Chinese horoscopes. I typed "Chinese Horoscope" but my phone perceived it as "Cheese Horoscope". It would be neat if there was such thing as a Cheese Horoscope. 

Pineapples and Strawberries! 

My favourite (so far) Sauvignon Blanc

House of Gourmet on Urbanspoon
I went to Chinatown with a friend. Holy crap, I have not been to China town for 2 years or so! 
We decided to visit the bakery. I was craving for Pang (bread). 

I have a weakness for cream filled breads. 

My friend Marg, who is quite familiar with Toronto's Chinatown reccomend this place because in her opinion, they use less grease and oil. 

Buddha's delight Congee was sooo good! It felt like I didn't have good congee for over a year! This bad boy only comes in large, FYI. 

I ordered Singapore style Turnip cakes. 

Shanghai noodles! :D

I wanted to show the texture of the turnip cakes.. It is mixed with turnips and rice flour so it's crispy on the outside, chewy and soft on the inside. Yum!!!

Gotta love the dead carcasses hanging by the display window. lol!

I want to try duck next time. I only had duck once in my life during highschool. I used to look after a boy who was physically and mentally challenged and his father loved Chinese food. One day, we went to the Congee place at Promenade Mall and he offered me some of his duck. It was really good but there was a lot of bones in the meat. 

He's making dumplings! ^_^

I wish someone taught me how to make Har Gow out of scratch! Including the shell or the wrapper! :D

For more information:

484 Dundas St W
TorontoON M5T 1G9

(416) 217-0167

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