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Monday, October 29, 2012

Kenzo Ramen at Spadina & Bloor, Snakes & Lattes, PAT Market

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Hello everyone!
It was a rainy day yesterday. It was miserable! A friend and I went out for Kenzo Ramen. Later on, we visited Snakes and Lattes and K-town's (Korea Town) PAT Market. :D

This particular Kenzo Ramen Restaurant had more items on their menu. William, if you're reading this, you can have a real tonkatsu at Kenzo. :D
I wish I took more photos of the atmosphere..... but I got too shy. I get weird looks from people taking photos of food and the place you know.

This actually happened at the Kenzo at Dundas and Bay St. 
*Michie zooms with her camera to get a better shot of the ramen. The guy sitting next is looking at me awkwardly and is wearing an expression on his is face that screams out, "Why is she taking so many photos of her food?!"*

Tonkotsu Sho-yu Ramen again! ^_______^ I gave all of my pork meat to my friend. He was pretty content.

I actually had the guts to order extra ramen noodles. I can't remember what they had charged me for that. 
Beef Bowl with rice, salad and soup. 

Then we went to Snakes and Lattes and we played.....
One of my favourite visual-spatial territorial games. 
My strategy is to lay out all of the pieces in chronological order from smallest to largest pieces. BEWARE: One of the red pieces are missing. It's one of the smallest pieces. :(
And the games begins......

This game we didn't play...

Battleship!!!   :D
Oh Quarto is my favourite Tic-Tac-Toe like game! 
The objective of this game is to take turns handing a piece to your opponent and the opponent has to place the piece on the board... If you see that there is a line where all of the four pieces have some sort of a commonality such as All brown piece  you yell out Quarto and you win.  
This game, "Don't stop" took forever so we stopped playing it. :P
My friend told me it's similar to the game called Craps. I never played Craps so I wouldn't know. 

Spot It is one of my favourite flash card games. There are different variations you can play this game but it requires more players. 
Ticket to Ride 
This game can get tricky but I liked it. 
John you've obstructed my path!

Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake. I was coughing on the Graham crackers. However, it was still great! 
We went to PAT Market!!!

John couldn't resist purchasing this. It was on sale. 

OMG, this is making me so hungry! 

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