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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who likes Tomato Soup?

Hello everyone!
Brrr... it's cold outside!
My friend taught me how to make tomato soup out of scratch! 
I went over to my friend's place and I begged him to teach me this recipe. I did create this soup but you will see that I added herbs to my soup. 

 So he first added already fried garlic, vegetable oill and chopped onions into the pot. 
 Yellow tomatoes from his mother's garden. He gave me a tour around his backyard. His mother's garden reminded me of my Aunt's vegetable garden.  My aunt grew everything from tomatoes, cucumbers and perilla leaves. When I saw the jalapeño peppers in my friend's backyard, it reminded me that my uncle also has a vegetable garden and his speciality was to grow jalapeño peppers. My uncle also grew perilla leaves, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and zucchini. 

 So once the onions and the garlic is fried, add in the chopped tomatoes. 
 The finished product! 

 Now, it's my turn to try to create this soup....
 I love Italian herbs! 
 I cored the tomatoes...
 Chopped the onions and tomatoes...
 Once the garlic and onions were fried, I added the tomatoes and herbs and black pepper. 
 I actually had an incident. My roommates didn't purchase a salt shaker and they kept the salt in the box they orginally purchased in. The box was actually really old and the bottom part of the box was crumbling apart. I didn't notice until it was too late... salt pour into the soup pot from the bottom of the salt box. 
I added more water, more herbs and 2 tablespoons of Agave syrup and it turned out to be alright. I will pick up more tomatoes today before I meet up with a friend tonight. Despite the fact that the soup became less salty, it's still pretty salty.  

It was good but the soup could have been better. 

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