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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Canyon Creek Chophouse and Candies for Adults...

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Hello everyone! Hope all is well. I was maxed out on data but I had this weird intuition that compelled me to go to and try blogging again.

This was in November 11, 2012. Wow, it has been nearly a year since I have been here. A lot had happened since. Things did not work out between John and I. I started hanging around Daniel which he eventually became my boyfriend. We shared a significant commonality: FOOD!   :D

So Danny took me out to Canyon Creek, one of his favourite places to go for a good hamburger.
A lot of seniors and older adults hanging for good eats. The lights were slightly dim in my opinion. Just slightly..
Danny's favourite loaf at this restaurant was the honey oats whole wheat bread.

The bread came with honey butter. I drenched my bread with butter!
Double Cheeseburger with Bacon and Sweet Potato Fries

I can't remember what type of burger I ordered. Sorry...  
Bleh, It was instant rice. :(

I would return to this place and try out other items on their menu. The server was very attentive, friendly and nice. I recall the burger was good but I was not too impressed with the rice. I was impressed with the loaf, it came hot and fresh out of the oven and I did enjoy the sweet potato fries. The environment was clean and it set the tone this was a romantic, family friendly, or just a place to hang out place to eat. Overall, I would rate this restaurant 4.0/5.0.

For more information:

We visited the Scarborough location.
430 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1P 5J1

Funny things we saw after our meal in a local mall. Good to know this sauce can be painful.

Wouldn't this be great fora bachelor /bachelorette party?  
If you give PMS chocolate to someone, it would probably aggravate their PMS even more. 
We need an emergency bar in every First Aids Kit. 
LOL! Yummy mummy?

I recall seeing these candies as a bracelet and a necklace as a child. As a grown up, I see them as Bras and Thongs. 

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