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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Bagel

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Hello everyone!
I had recently visited the Uptown Area of Toronto where I was born and raised at Finch and Bathurst. One of my high school friend was getting married and I had dropped by in the area. My boyfriend was giving me a ride to her place and I told him, "I NEED to show you my favourite bagel bakery in Toronto."

The entrance view. I love the Bagel Tree. If Bagels only grew on trees pimping hot...

As soon as you walk in, you can see that the owner is truly passionate about her work. What can be better than using bagels to decorate the place?

Breakfast Menu
A lot of the highschool students from Northview come to eat here during their lunch break.

I took several photos of this place. 90% of their items I have tried, I have enjoyed! 

Cheese Danish, one of my favourite! Whenever I eat one from Happy Bagel, I immediate have memories from the 1990's rushing into me.  This is how a cheese danish is suppose to be. I had some previous bad experience with cheese danishs with very little filling. 
Cheese Danish with Raisins

I think that yellow gingerbread was suppose to be Sponge Bob.
They have some diabetic friendly sweets.

I recall trying this. If you love pecans, please try it!

Fresh Mini danishs are quite nice too! 

I've tried all of them and they are all great!

I really like the potato boureskas! This is filling!

I remember my mother would purchase fresh apple pies from this bakery once in a while. I am unsure if they had changed their recipe, but if you don't like super sweet things, this pie isn't very sweet. 
It's currently $9.99 for an apple pie or a cherry pie. I am unsure if the red filling pie is cherry....

Their sandwich station. I love fresh cream cheese however too bad it only lasts for about a week.
Ah, I see that they have expanded their menu and added this...

As I was entering the bagel shop, I saw a man really enjoying the Apple Fruit Danish...

This was a bit too sweet for me.

More Challahs and loafs

It was noon and they were baking a fresh batch of plain bagels. Yum Yum! 
I wish you were there wish me watching these piping hot sexy shiny bagels emerging from the curtains.
To the Onion Bagel Lovers. There was no onion bagels at this place, however they do have Everything Bagel which has some onion on the bagels.

My favourite bagels from this place would be :
1. Pumpernickel
2. Sesame
The whole wheat was a bit disappointing because to my tongue, it tastes salty and when you spread cream cheese or other condiments, it's even more saltier. 

I love their Bagels because they are huge, you can taste the quality and I like fluffy, soft bagels and feels light. I prefer Happy bagels over the Bagel Franchise Store, "What a Bagel ". One day, I did compare a bagel from Happy Bagel and What a Bagel. The Happy Bagel felt more lighter and the dough isn't has dense as What a Bagel's Bagel. What a Bagel's bagel felt like a brick.

Sponge Bob Gingerbread Man fail...

Price of the Cream Cheese and their Meats
They are all good. I tried all of them. I must warn you not to get too much fresh cream cheese because it spoils fast. If you want a cream cheese that is the least saltiest, go for the green onion cream cheese.
I'm pleased with my Pumpernickel Bagel with Cream Cheese and Tomato! :D 
Danny could not resist eating my other half of the sandwich. He was very pleased with the whole experience. 
Would you like a bite?

A random shot of my friend's BBQ rehearsal dinner. I had a vegan hot dog with potato salad, watermelon and feta salad and an extra slice of tomato.

Just visiting this bakery reminds me of my mother purchasing bagels very Sunday morning or sending me off to purchase bagels. I am glad to see that their business had flourished. From early morning to noonish, it will be packed with customers in the bakery because everyone knows the good items runs out first.

If you drop by Finch Ave. West and Bathurst St., I highly recommend you to come and take a look (best times is 8am-noon). The smell of baked goods will possess you to try something. 

I give this place 5.0. They are well staffed. Someone is always behind the counter to assemble your sandwich and coffee. They try to keep track what bagels are running low. They even have a One Day Old Rack if anyone is interested in reduced price baked goods which varies from half a dozen of bagels and apple turnovers. 

For more information:

Happy Bagel
4949 Bathurst St
North York, ON M2R 1Y1
(416) 733-2936

From what I see, they don't have a website yet and they are thriving through word of mouth.

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