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Friday, August 16, 2013

Lofts on Pearl in Buffalo, American Walmart, Oreo, Pringles, Breakfast and Pho in Missisauga

Hello everyone! 
I recently went to Buffalo, New York to go shopping. 

This is what the entrance looked like. We were lucky one of the girls had GPS that functions without Wifi/Internet. It was a bit challenging finding the Lofts of Pearl. 
 Lol, the "F" was missing.
 This is the Entrance view. The front desk (female) staff was very kind and helpful. 
 We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment style hotel with a full kitchen with some kitchen utilities. You don't need to bring eating utensils, plates, sponge, dish detergent, can openers, beer openers, pizza slicers, whisk and you get the point. There also is an iron and board in the closet closest to the entrance.
 Washroom view

 The place was clean and tidy. I was actually impressed. 
 You can bring wine and relax. I think it's such a great
place to stay when you are tight on budget. 
We can wash dishes and the Sponge and Palmolive was provided to us.
 You can bake, cook whatever you want! 

 When the girls and I arrived, the fireplace was on. It wasn't a real fire place but there was some heat radiating from it. I wasn't too sure how to turn it off however, we had access to control the room temperature. 

 I slept on the sofa bed. From my experience, I recommend getting a second person to assist opening up the bed. The soft bed was 
broken on one side and it was challenging opening it up because it got caught on one side. 
 Unfortunately, we did not have time to check out the patio/balcony. It looked lovely down here. 
For more details about the hotel:

92 Pearl Street 
Buffalo, New York 14202 
Phone: 716-856-0098

 American Walmarts were HUGE!  It makes Canadian Walmarts feel like a small mini-mart. They have such good deals that day we visited.

 My boyfriend would be so jealous if he saw this. He's into cheap deals. 
 Something I had never seen in Toronto. Lays potato chips in Party Size. 
 This was the largest Chip aisle I had ever seen. It feel like I was walking on Chips Lane. 
 I like Oreo but I am not a huge fan. I had never seen so many unique different flavours of Oreo in one aisle. In Toronto, I am acustomed to observing Oreo Double Stuff, Oreo Golden and once in a while, Orea Mint.


 This one attracked me the most. 

 Interesting, Coconut Fudge Cream
 One of the girls was raving about Cheeseburger Pringles? I just couldn't resist to just check. 
 I would actually be interested in trying out Pringles Habanero  chips. 

 I seen this flavour with Lays Chips.

 Yum, Dill Pickles! 
 I guess they had to try to make their Brand different from Pringles so they called theirs "All-American Cheeseburger"
 I will try this out one day.
 One of the girls purchased Neapolitan, Triple Double Oreo for curiosity. It looks very filling. 
 One of the girl's soon to be husband requested for undergarnments. I have suggested these to her. I told her, "Look how comfortable these look! He won't complain about the Elastic Band because it's barely there. "
 I am curious to try B&J ever since I saw the 3-Way (The Golden Rule) (feat. Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga)
If you like Lonely Island, Click on the link below:
I will try it next time I see B&J.

 I guess they are trying to come up with interesting names. Nail Lingerie?!

Pearl Street Grill & Brewery and Brawlers Deli on Urbanspoon
Pearl Street Grill & Brewery and Brawlers Deli

I love FOOSBALL! Trust me, you want me on your team despite the fact that when I score, it's really a lucky fluke.
 Decisions.. decisions.. decisions... The hotel reservations came with continental breakfast. We had the choice to either get a bagel and a fruit salad or $5 off of the breakfast meal.

 I was like Lake Effect Mustard? What is that? One of the girls told me there is home brewed beer in the mustard. I wanted to try it but it would probably not go well with my breakfast bagel. 
 Eggs, Home Fries and Toast

 Apparently the bacon was nice and crispy.
 Same meal but with Easy Over Eggs

 Omlette and Steak Sandwich with cheese. I loved the sesame bagel. Just the way I like it, smothered with lots of sesame seeds. I love eggs and I had this craving for a steak for the longest time. One of the girls were looking at the menu and said, "Why don't you get the Omelette Steak Sandwich?"
 It tasted more like shaved beef and tasted nothing like a steak. 
I used my $5 credit and paid an additional $2 +tax. This kept me full and I only ate two meals that day. Late at night we drank and had delicious BBQ flavoured popcorn.

For more information:

76 Pearl St.
Buffalo NY
The restaurant was right beside the Loft which was very convenient.
 The view was quite nice. 
We went to a store like "The 'It' Store" and we were amusing ourselves with adult themed toys and gags. 

Pho Mi 99 on Urbanspoon We were in Mississauga and we decided to hang out in the city because of traffic jam. We were hungry so one of the girls recommended going to Pho Mi 99.
Stir Fry Seafood and Shrimp
It reminds me of a Bird's Nest.
Doesn't this look delicious?
I ordered #203-Medium Rare Beef Pho
I haven't eaten Pho for so long! It was good!
I believe my friend ordered some sort of seafood pho.
I tasted my friend's pho. The broth was good. 

Fresh Spring Rolls

I would definitely drop by again if I am in Mississauga. Pho is cheap, delicious, filling but not heavy and usually it comes in small, medium or large. Additionally, if you want extra meat or noodles these places are flexible but of course, there will be an extra charge. Mmm... Pho... just blogging about it makes me hungry.

For more information:

Pho Mi 99
3920 Grand Park Dr., Unit D1 (at Burnhamthorpe Rd. W.)
Mississauga, ON L5B 4M6
Phone (905) 306-9998

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