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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Burrito Bandidos and Green Bamboo

Burrito Bandidos on Urbanspoon

Hello Foodies!
This is an old entry from last summer.
A friend of Danny's had introduced him to a burrito restaurant. It's more of a take out place than a dine in restaurant. There are only about 4-5 chairs and I did observed most of the customers picking up their orders and leaving.  

Their Menu
Dan told me I MUST try their Fish Burrito. It is to die for!
I ordered the fish burrito and it wasn't as big as Much Burrito's Burritos'. 

I took a couple of bites and it was like heaven! The fish was fresh as Fish and Chips Fish meat and it was so tender! It was absolutely delicious! 
Mmmm... I wish I had a Fish Burrito right now! Too bad today is -30ยบ.
I laughed when I saw "ED" because immediately thought of Erectile Dysfunction.

This was the best Burrito I've ever had in Toronto! I would give it 5.0/ 5.0. The burrito was smaller than Mucho burrito. However, Bandidos had flavoured packed burritos and their fish tasted fresh to me. I loved it! You might have to wait for about 10 minutes for your food. I did note that there were many take-out customers coming in to pick up their orders. They don't have a lot of seats so try to avoid rush hours if you would like to eat inside the restaurant.

For more information:

Burrito Bandidos
362 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1X6
(416) 944-9061

Green Bamboo on Urbanspoon

I returned to Green Bamboo last summer before there was a steeping decline of quality in their food items. Last summer was when food was good. My last visit at Green Bamboo was about 3 months ago.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Laksa with Rice Noodles and Beef
Laksa with Rice Noodles and Chicken
There was barely any coconut milk but it was still good. 
One day, I would like to learn how to many Coconut based soups.

I wouldn't recommend anyone going to Green Bamboo anymore. 
My opinion had changed because their service is not improving. One time, I had ordered the Laksa and the tofu and the garlic was missing. Another time, they went cheap with the Laksa and tamarind sauce and the soup tasted like chicken broth and it was yellow.

For more information:
Green Bamboo Restaurant

4219 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S 2B7
(416) 292-7961

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