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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Canyon Creek Chophouse #2 (Scarborough)

Hello everyone!
I am quite behind with my blog entry. I apoligize!
Dan's friend was in town to visit and he thought it would be best to take her out to Canyon Creek. Apparently they visited this place often and it brought back good memories of their past. 

Cute booths! 
We got the best spots! By the fireplace! 
Perfect for a family reunion
Their loaf came wrapped in a white cloth to entrap the fresh, warm goodness! 
Dan's favourite Loaf!

Oh yes! The Honey Butter! It's addictive!!!!
Chip & Dips

I think this was Mango Salsa
Spinach Dip
If you are avoiding carbs, this is one of the worst place to be. You see, bread and the butter butter is for free.

Burger & Fries
That Baked Potato looks sexy!

Creme Brulee, one of my favourites! It was sooo good! I'm am such a sucker for anything creamy, I am going to be so fat.

Dan tried to avoid the Creme Brulee but once he realized how good it was, he couldn't stop. I told him he should order his own. In the end, he ate half of my dessert. Once you're in love with someone, what's yours is mine and what's mine is yours...even the best stuff like Creme Brulee. 

This is my second entry of Canyon Creek in Scarborough. For the first entry visit,

The service was consistent as last time. The servers were nice, asked our opinion about the food, refilled our waters without asking and etc. The food was good but Dan and I are hooked up on The Works Hamburgers at the moment. I do have some photos of The Works hamburgers which I will blog another time.

Canyon Creek Chophouse

For more information:

We visited the Scarborough location.
430 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1P 5J1

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