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Monday, January 20, 2014

Dear Hamburger Lovers, Please go to The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro

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Dear Hamburger Lovers, 
Please visit The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro when you have spare time. Bring a $20 for yourself. When you experiencing a possessive craving for a hamburger, forget McDonald's. I no longer think of McDonald's.. only their fries. 
Anyways, The Works has the best burger I have ever eaten.

 Dan and I go to their Pickering Site but if you do scroll to the bottom and check our their website, they also are located in Danforth, Bloor West Village, St. Lawrence Market and other neighbouring cities. 

We got started with the Ex-Montrealer - Cheese curds, gravy & Montreal smoked meat.  The meat is beef.

Of course, nothing compared to the Montreal Poutine but it was still delicious!

I don't want Flowers when I go on a date, I would rather receive poutine. 
If you have a savoury, salty tooth, you would definitely enjoy a metal basket of poutine. 
So what I really love about this place is that there is some customizable choices. The servers would ask you what type of bread (Whole wheat or White), What type of meat (Beef, Turkey, Chicken or Portobello Mushroom Cap. There is Lean Domestic Elk but they do charge extra), Side (Spicy Die Cut Chips, Regular Fries, Onion Rings, Veggies, Weeds (salad) and they also have Sweet Potato Fries and Poutine but they do charge extra).

Three Ring Binder  [hot]  [works original]
Fried mushrooms, chipotle mayo, Gouda cheese & 3 O-rings
Pony Express [hot]
Horseradish, cream cheese, Frank's Red Hot sauce, cheddar cheese, topped with tomato

Sweet Potato Fries

Regular Fries

Spicy Chips

My all time favourite, the Sweet Ride!
It  has caramelized onions, half a pear & brie cheese.
If you like a cheesy burger with a hint of natural sweetness, you got to try this burger out. 

You see how thick this burger is? I mean it isn't think as the burger with 3 onion rings stacked together but I had to tackle this burger by eating the first top half and then the bottom half of the burger. Prepare to get things messy.

The Sweet Ride burger is the best with the turkey or chicken patty.

It's so good!!!

I realized I have deleted some photos. I have made at least three trips to The Works. I'm not pleased with this. 
Their onion rings are good and it comes in a huge tower with two choices of dipping sauce. Select one of the sauces to be Beech House Sauce. The servers call it "Beech Sauce" as a short way of calling it. Beech House Sauce tastes like this creamy, tangy goodness is the best I can remember. They also use Beech Sauce for some of their burgers as well. 

I did try the Gotta Be KD Burger. It's pretty much your meat (I selected Beef) patty, KD Mac & Cheese with a blanket of cheddar melted on top. 
I didn't like it. To my shock, it didn't taste cheesy and clearly there was an abundant amount of cheese. I just didn't like it. I didn't think pasta/noodles went well inside a burger. 

A burger with an Egg in it. If you do order some sort of a Hamburger with an Egg in it, it's going to remind of you breakfast, FYI. Dan order one of their burgers with an Egg in it (Beverly Hills Lawsuit Egg, baby spinach, havarti cheese & bacon) and he said it tasted like a breakfast burger. 

I haven't tried but am interested in:

1. Babewatch   (Avocado slices & Monterey jack)

2. Crappy Tire  (Grilled pineapple ring, sweet & spicy sauce & brie cheese )(Canadian Tire dollars accepted)

3. First Date  (Field mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh garlic & brie cheese)

4. Sexy Burger (hot  works original Sweet & spicy sauce, pineapple, cream cheese and hot peppers)

5. Sum Yung Guy with no Bacon (Cream cheese, caramelized onions, Gouda & bacon)

6. The Hipster (Caramelized onions, avocado & havarti cheese)

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone because they cater to the variety needs of different consumers. I consider this place a 4.5/5.0. Customer service is alright. They have their busy moments, especially during the weekends. The male server who likes Angry Birds works his butt off. You might see him wearing an Angry Birds Belt. He also has an Angry Birds Cellphone Cover. He is so personable and funny. 
This place is tidy, well designed and their presentation of food, I give two thumbs up! Their foods arrive on our table consistently piping hot and the servers all look at your react to see if you're smiling. This is a great restaurant! 

For more information:

Liverpool Rd
1794 Liverpool Road
(905) 831-7747

It is almost ritual after consuming a burger from The Works, Dan and I go visit the Pet Store. There is always black or grey cats or kittens waiting to be adopted. 

Cookies for dogs!

Would you feed your dog this or would you eat it yourself? Don't they look so good ?

I found some more photos from another trip to The Works.

 Isn't this brilliant? Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

 This is what their menu looked like when I first visited. I think they may have updated the menu. 

 I personally think the Spicy Die Cut chips are the best. But that is my opinion.

 Great! Now I don't have to call the server frequently for water refills and I know my intake. I loved this concept! 
 Who left this half eaten tower of onion rings?

 We ordered our own!

 Regular Poutine

 I was feeling for cucumbers instead of regular fries. I already had the poutine, onion rings  so I wanted something not so greasy. I couldn't finish the cucumbers. I was so full by the end of the night. 

 Sweet Ride with a beef patty

 Mmm.. Sweet Ride Turkey Burger!

 Poutine with fries and onion rings for those who cannot decide. 

 Gooey cheese curds melting. Doesn't this look so good!

 Gotta be KD Burger
Kraft Mac and Cheese with a melted blanket of Cheddar. I couldn't taste the cheese. I was disappointed in this burger. 

 God Damn, this does look sexy! 

For more information:

Liverpool Rd
1794 Liverpool Road
(905) 831-7747

We visited the Pet Store located in the same plaza. I saw this dog chew toy and I thought it was hilarious! I AM CHICKEN!

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