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Monday, January 20, 2014

In Cheon House Korean & Japanese Restaurant

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Hello everyone!
I have halfway catching up on my old blog entries. This is another old collection of photos of In Cheon House Korean & Japanese Restaurant. I usually drop by this restaurant when I am craving for  jja jang mein/jjajangmyeon (Black Bean Noodles) or Kimchi Fried Rice.

Sushi Bar

Side Dishes
Mashed Potato (tasted sweet)
Yellow Soy Bean Sprout
Kimchi, Dan's favourite. No, I was just joking. He doesn't like Kimchi in its straight form and prefers it cooked or mixed into something else. 
Seaweed Salad
Jap Chae (Glass Noodles)
This is also called Cellophane noodles/Chinese vermicelli.

Sweet and Sour Chicken or in Korean Tang-su-yuk.
I didn't like it. I'm sticking with the Chinese restaurants if I'm craving for something sweet and sour. 

No vegetables...
Jja jang mein sauce/Jjajang myeon  sauce(Black Bean Noodle Sauce) 

I love sesame seeds! 
Say Ahh!!
Imagine this soy and black bean creamy taste and yet there is no dairy. You can taste the roasted sesame seeds and the sweetness from the onions. 

I would give this restaurant 3.5/5.0. This is a cheap eats place. You see a swarm of high school students during lunch and after school. I have noted that the Black bean noodles and the Hot Stone Rice dishes are regularly ordered. I don't recommend their sushi.  There are booths on to the side and a Television which usually plays Korean singers performing in concerts or Korean Dramas. The place is clean and there is usually one server who is working hard to serve mainly the Chinese population. Lol, the server thought I was Chinese. Next time, I will take snap shots of the Menu or scan their Take-Out Menu. It appears they don't have a website. 

For more information:

In Cheon House Korean & Japanese Restaurant

9 Glen Watford Dr
Toronto, ON M1S 2B9
Phone number (416) 297-7379

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