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Monday, January 13, 2014

Pho Hong Ha

Hello everyone!
Did everyone have a good winter break?
Gosh I haven't blogged for a while. Sorry about that! I was busy but I do try to bring my camera when I know I am going out to eat in advance.

So, I am going to write today on another local family restaurant called Pho Hong Ha. Recently, I have observed a decline of quality ingredients in the local restaurants. For an example, my boyfriend and I used to visit Green Bamboo for Coconut milk Chicken Pho but we had decided to stop visiting because they had become cheap and started omitting key ingredients like coconut milk, then tofu and so on. Enough with my rambling.

Whenever I am craving for Pho, one of the close restaurants I visit is Pho Hong Ha for the convenience.

As you can see, this place provides high chairs for babies.
 I usually order a medium rare or rare beef. By the time the bowl lands on the table and 5 minutes passes by, the beef is completely cooked.

 The shrimp arrived to the table shelled. I didn't mind using my fingers and getting messy.
 I thought the shrimp was overcooked.

 The broth was okay but sadly I still think the franchise Pho 888 restaurants has the best Pho in town. 

I would say this place is 2.5/5.0. I would not order the shrimps again and just stick with Pho Noodles next time. I would like to taste more of a home made broth, a broth that tastes like it is made closer to scratch. It was challenging trying to get attention from the female server who had her back turned against us as she was doing something. The only thing good about this place was the location.

For more information:

Pho Hong Ha

4271 Sheppard Avenue E
Toronto, ON M1S 2B7
(647) 435-6271
(Near Midland & Sheppard)

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