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Friday, January 17, 2014

Spoonful (Brampton)

Hello everyone!
I am still catching up on my old entries. Please bare with me while I post up old entries when I can.

I went to Spoonful for a birthday party. I heard it was a buffet and I either did not eat for the whole entire day or only eaten breakfast of that day. I was very ecstatic. I guess I enjoy that thrill of being overwhelmed by the sight of superabundant amounts of food displayed in an appealing fashion and the food is taunting me, "Betcha can't have one!" 

To the Torontonians, do you remember Imperial Buffet?  You guys are going to think I am crazy but I retrieving a memory that I did visit Imperial Buffet when I was approximately twelve or thirteen years old. The Imperial Buffet I'm speaking of was located at Dufferin St & Steeles Ave West in Toronto. I believe now that commercial space has been Cora's (a Breakfast Restaurant which carried a good reputation in the 1990's) for a while. 

I remember being seated at the buffet and everyone at the Birthday Party had their cutlery set and my fork was missing. So I swiftly grabbed the next adjacent table's fork (which did not have any customers). The server was out of sight and 12-13 year old Hungry Michie just wanted to eat. A classmate observed this and laughed. About 15 minutes later, a Chinese Family was seated next to our table. The older Chinese man noticed he didn't have a fork. I nudged the classmate and we watched the senior walk up to the closest empty table, look around him, snatch a fork and returned to his seat. The classmate teased me I had initiated some sort of fork stealing domino effect phenomena at Imperial Buffet. 

Don't get the Creme Brulee! There was no hard candy shell on top but what appeared to be melted syrup. 

Seafood island
Cold Shrimp
Cold Crab Legs
This was my first time having cold crab legs. I didn't enjoy the crab legs served cold. As soon as I held up the leg to my mouth, juices spilled out from the leg. I can understand why people have bibs for eating crabs and lobsters. It can be pretty messy. 

The customer service was amazing! The servers kept coming to refill our drinks and water. I noted there was a staff member standing behind the food stands monitoring the quantity of the foods. He had a cellphone or a walkie talkie to communicate which specific dish was running low. God, this man worked so hard, I admired him!  

The baked cod in garlic was really good. However, when I went for seconds for the cod, the second batch came out to be really salty and I could not finish the fish.

If you love raw Scallops, you MUST arrive early at Spoonful. Apparently there is a rule where you can only have 3 scallops at a time per person. This was the food item that was the most demanded and ran out rapidly. They replenish a few times and that was it. First come, first serve. Squeezing some fresh lemon juice on top make the fresh scallops amazing! 

Spoonful had an impressive dessert section where not only were there traditional cakes, cookies, ice cream and sweets. They had their own donut machine which makes what look like mini funnel cake looking donuts which only operates at a certain time, so please come early! Again, first come first serve. 

I don't remember what this cake was called but I LOVED IT!

Yes!More Scallops!
See, the donut does look like a mini funnel cake. You can customize your desserts with candy.  
I thought this was interesting. I love coffee ice cream but I was full at the time. Next time!

Their Pineapples were delicious! The chowder was alright. I didn't take a snap shot of the Lobster Bisque but that was my personal favourite!

I apologize, I personally feel I didn't take enough photos to share my experience. I didn't take a photo of the sushi bar/salad bar. Their salmon sashimi was fresh (and I took the last few pieces). There was a soup section as well as a meat section where they grill/cook meat according to your liking. I recall having steak and BBQ Ribs. The ribs were a bit to sweet for my taste buds.  Spoonful designed their candy islands that when I looked at it, it kind of reminded me of the movie Tron because it was lit up with colourful lights.

I would recommend this place to everyone. I would rate this place 4.0/5.0. I would come back to for the scallops, soup, fish and desserts! And this time, I would arrive early for the good stuff! The Customer Service was excellent and now I have a very positive impression from Imperial Buffet. And hey! I didn't need to steal a fork! >.~

For more information:

Shoppers World Brampton
499 Main St S, 
Brampton, ON L6Y 1N7


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