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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

St. Andrew's Fish & Chips

Hello everyone!
The snow and ice is finally melting in the GTA.
This is an old collection of photos that was taken at the end of last summer.
Dan usually takes me here for Fish and Chips at St. Andrew's Fish & Chip.

Deep fried Oreo Cookies and Jam Sandwiches? We had to try them both!

The atmosphere of the restaurant is suitable for families, dates, and other friendly get togethers. 

I have not tried their puddings and pies yet. 

I have noticed several of the Fish and Chips restaurants, their clientèle are the seniors.  No wonder!

This summer, I am looking forward for the All you can eat Alaskan Whitefish & Chips. I am going to have to starve myself the night before the Buffet Dinner! 

I was interested in the Sticky Toffee Pudding but Dan scolded I have been eating too much and I should cut back.    :(

We figured the "All Inclusive Meal Deal" was worth it.

LOL at the Kilt.
I loved the Clam Chowder but there wasn't  a lot of clam meat in the bowl. Dan told me there has to be a lot of meat to be considered a good clam chowder. This was my first time trying it. I really enjoyed the chowder. 

Say "Ahh.." and imagine tasting the clam chowder. So creamy and tasty!
My order of Haddock & Chips fried to a golden, juicy and crispy finish. 

I tried to squeeze the package of tartar sauce in an artistic manner. 

Are you salivating now? I tried to consume the fish slowly, savouring the outer crispy layer and the inner tender, juicy fish meat.
Gravy on the side for the fries. It tasted like plain gravy. 
Deep Fried Jam sandwiches with Vanilla Ice Cream!

Deep Fried Oreo Cookies on top of a Pillow of Ice Cream! There were 3 cookies, which were perfect to share. 

If I recall correctly, it was razzberry jam. I'm not too crazy about razzberry jam but it was still good. 

Mmm.. the cream in between the Oreo Cookies were still intact...

I would recommend St. Andrew's Fish & Chip to anyone who enjoys Fish and Scottish Food. I would say this place would be 3.5/5.0. The customer service was good. There is usually one server working diligently taking all of the orders, serving food and processing transactions. They also sell books and Scottish themed magnets and other gifts. 

For more information:
St. Andrews Fish and Chips
1589 Ellesmere Road 
Scarborough ON  M1P 2Y3

Phone: 416-431-6574


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