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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Bier Markt - Christmas Party

Hello Everyone!
So I heard a lot of good things about the Bier Markt. Dan's workplace was hosting a Christmas Party there.

When I have entered the Bier Markt, the lights were dim, perfect for a romantic setting.
My first drink was Sex on the Beach but I didn't take a photo for some reason.
Dan's first drink was Sour Patch Kids. I tried this drink and there is just one word I would use to describe it as "Yummy"!!!
It tasted like a melted Sour Patch Kids with a light after taste of beer. This was the most delicious mixed beer drink I had ever had! Alexander Keith's Apple Cider is bumped down to my second favourite flavoured beer and Sour Path Kids is now my #1 favourite (flavoured) Beer. 
This Sour Patch Kids drink comes in a tall glass that stood tall from my wrist to elbow! I loved it!
*This item is not on the menu*

Mushroom Soup was delicious!

wild & tame mushrooms, shallots,
fresh herbs, mushroom broth - $7

Dan opted out on the mushroom soup (he hates mushrooms) and had a salad instead.

A Lambic Cherry Cosmo.
4 oz. | $7
Grey Goose Cherry Noire, Lambic Sour Kriek, cherries, elder flower cordial.

This was my second drink of the night.

MERCHANT BURGER ~ 10 oz. chargrilled Kobe beef, charred red
onion, smoked bacon, vine ripe tomato, iceberg lettuce,
“Bier 58” sauce, toasted classic bun, Markt frites

CHICKEN ~ panko-crusted free-range chicken breast,
Yukon potato mash, braised leeks, green bean sauté,
lingonberry jam, demi-glace - $24

I initially thought the sauce was cranberry but the guy who was sitting across from me knew what Lingon berries tasted like. 

I can't recall what this is and I don't see a seafood tomato soup in their menu. This item may be a customized dish for the night. 

Vegan Noodles

Gin & Tonic which was my last drink of the night. And before this, I had my own Sour Patch Kids. :)  :)  :) 

They have their gluten free bier which I thought the menu was well planned out. 
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE ~ layered vanilla custard, strawberries,
mint compote & vanilla bean sponge cake, hand-whipped crème,
chocolate covered strawberry - $9

The mint was so refreshing and it kind of woke me up as I was getting sleep from the alcoholic beverages.

Say "Ahh!" and open wide and you chew on the strawberry shortcake. It is soft and sweet but not too sweet. Then you taste the vanilla creamy custard and a minty after taste.
CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE ~ (gluten-free) chocolate mousse,
Valrhona chocolate cake, espresso crème anglaise, chocolate shavings - $9

Danny enjoyed the cake. He is a huge chocolate lover.

The customer service was top notch! The servers were approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and did everything they can to ensure the night went smoothly. It had been rumoured that this is the place where Rob Ford, our mayor had allegedly smoked crack and it was caught on video.

I googled for Rob Ford picture of when he smoked crack and I was shocked to find out people are still interested in this topic and Google is still releasing news about this topic. People, c'mon! This topic has been dragging on for way too long! LOL!

I would give this place 5.0/5.0. I would definitely return to this place for another visit.  One thing would point out is that this place is NOT cheap. I would personally come here once a year or once every two years. Bring at least $60 for yourself. The food was good for a bar. I enjoyed my dish but I was a bit disappointed to see what the vegan noodles looked like. But it was really nice that the Bier Markt is willing to adapt and accommodate to anyone's preferences and needs which isn't always a simple task.  Customer service was great! Drinks were phenomenal! The atmosphere was clean and well designed! There was a live band later during the night and there was a dance floor for people to socialize. There were also flat TV screens for those who are interested in sports. No wonder this place is doing quite well.

For more information:

The Bier Markt King West Site

600 King Street West, Toronto, M5V 1M3
Phone: 416 862 1175
Fax: 416 862 8030

Sunday to Wednesday: 11am - 1am
Thursday to Saturday: 11am - 2am

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