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Monday, January 20, 2014

Very Fair #3- Chinese Breakfast

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Hello everyone! 
I always wanted to try having a Chinese Breakfast and went to Very Fair this morning.

I don't know if this is helpful but Very Fair is located in the building on the left side if you're coming from the West.
I swear to God, I was the youngest customer there. It appears the clientele are mainly Chinese people 50 years or older. The owner arrived at the restaurant a few minutes when I had decided I wanted to leave. He just stared at me.
Jasmine Tea
Congee with Corn and Fish
The lady in the pink dress said something to me in Chinese. Oh by the way, if you do come in the morning, the ladies dressed in pink and red won't help you. They just serve fresh foods from their cart.
The servers in the yellow vest will assist you. And the ladies in black suits are called the Maître Ds.

Deep Fried Tofu in Rice Roll

Beef in Rice Roll

Beef in Rice Roll
I am unsure if it is parsley but I taste a fragrant herb. I know for sure they add water chestnuts to add a crunchy texture.  

For some reason, the Deep fried tofu rice roll was challenging to eat. I am very comfortable eating with chopsticks. The rice roll was very fragile and it easily unraveled itself when I tried to eat it. 
I like rice rolls in this order
1. Beef
2. Tofu
3. Shrimp

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