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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Very Fair Chinese Restaurant #2

Hello Foodies!

I visited Very Fair for a family dinner. We had the usual: Fried fish, vegetables and eventually, lobster. 

Just to let you (those who are seriously interested in visiting), Very Fair is a basement restaurant and it's located in a plaza that is shaped as the letter "C". It doesn't matter which way you enter but parking is in the inner part of the "C" shaped building and there is a separate building on it's own additionally for parking. 

The leader of the pack initiates the march to dinner. Dan's father is also a foodie and he used to be a chef in the past. He says he can cook any Chinese dish so I am looking forward to see more of his Chinese dishes in the future. 

The inner entrance to the restaurant is that door on the left side. For those who may have issues with mobility, there is an elevator that goes straight down to the restaurant. 

The Main Room 

Apparently, there is a Mah Jong Room where there is a seating fee to play and of course, private rooms. 

I have tried googling for the online menu and I didn't see any results. So I have taken some snap shots of the current menu.

Have you tried Chow Mein with Fish and Black Beans? It is heavenly!!!
Lol! Deer Meat!

I love the chicken & corn soup!

Fuzzy Melon with Pork
I didn't have any because there was pork but I was tempted to try some because I like Chinese melons. 

Sweet and Sour Fish with papaya. 
Dan was able to identify it was frozen fish but it was good. If you like sweet and sour pork, chicken and etc, you need to try the fish version. 


I tried to arrange the sweet and sour fish in an artistic fashion...
LOL, this suddenly reminds me of Gucci. I'm missing another piece of green pepper. 
The papaya is translucent and it appears like a sautéed onion. 
Sweet and Sour Chicken

Chinese vegetables

The lobster has arrived!!!
A portrait of the lobster

Who knew Lobster would be so good. I never had any until I met Dan and his family. Lobster meat tastes like a giant shrimp but sweeter, richer and larger.

You can choose your crab, lobster or sea urchin if you really want. 

This crab appears to be crabby from getting pushed and stepped on by the lobsters. 

This is my second blog of Very Fair. To view my first entry of this place, visit 

For the consistent Very Fair food and Very Fair customer service, I still rate this place 4.5/5.0. I still recommend anyone who enjoys Chinese and to those who are curious to visit the restaurant. The food is fresh, tastes great and it's a family friendly place. The owner of the restaurant is usually visible somewhere. I usually see him in red and he usually is ambulating observing customer's reactions. I know having the lobster combo and other items it can cost around $150-$250 can feed about 11-12 people.

For more information:
Very Fair Chinese Restaurant
4002 Sheppard Ave E
Scarborough, ON M1S 4R5
(416) 332-1861

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