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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yeh! Frozen Yogurt

Hello Sweet Tooths!
Another late entry, I got a few more old blogs to go then I am all up to date.
I use Groupon occasionally and there was a 2 for 1 Groupon Coupon for frozen yogurt. For those who aren't familiar with Groupon, it's pretty much a coupon website/app that you can download to your phone or device. However, you purchase these coupons so you are pretty much getting a discount on whatever you are purchasing. You also need to pay for taxes if you are Canadian once you redeem these Groupon Coupons. My boyfriend thinks Groupons are such a waste of money but I think there are some really good services and goods you can find on Groupon. When I used to work at WINNERS retail store, I have tried a chocolate bar called Truffle Pig. I was enticed by the cute, lovely pig illustrations and I thought this was executed well. Who likes chocolate? Oinkers! 

If you are an oinker for chocolates please visit the Truffle Pig Chocolate:
Sometimes, the Chocolates go on sale on their official website or as a special deal on Groupon.

If you are interested in Groupon please visit here:

Who makes up urban jargon?
FroYo=Frozen Yoghurt
So the frozen yogurt shops are standardized. They provide paper medicine cups open to the public for sampling. 

I got the Greek Yogurt sweetened with Honey. I am a plain jane vanilla type of girl. I was contemplating with Greek Yogurt with Honey and Vanilla.  

Candy Toppings
Those balls looked familiar. I remembered in New York in Red Mango (Another Frozen Yogurt Franchise) these balls popped in my mouth and they had syrup inside. And people thought Bubble tea tapioca was horrible. 

Mmm... Cookie Dough and Cheese Cake. I kinda have a thing for both. I know. I'm going to be fat by the time I am 30 years old. 

I guess this is the healthier toppings section. 

In the end, Danny selected chocolate based toppings.
I could not resist the cheese cake topping!
I also wanted to try out the balls with syrup. I can't remember what these are called. Just a few in my yoghurt so I have a bit of an interesting experience of texture. It's hard to describe these balls without making it sound dirty or weird. 
I would return to this place n the future! I would give this place 4.0/5.0. The environment was so clean and the staff members were so friendly. Too bad that I don't live near this Frozen Yogurt place but if I did, I would be visiting this place whenever I am having a craving for Ice cream or Frozen Yogurt. 

For more information:

1617 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M4G 3B7
Mount Pleasant and Davisville

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