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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chef of India

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Hello everyone!
The snow is finally starting to melt!
Canada won in both the Womens' and Mens' team for hockey for the Olympics. It had been an exciting week last week. I was pleased to see kids in Toronto were out yesterday playing Hockey on the streets.

I had recently went to Chef of India.

I have always noticed there was an Indian or South Asian Buffet at Yonge and Eglinton and never been to it. So I visited to see what it was like.
*Warning! This place is not wheel chair friendly! There is a flight of stairs to climb to the restaurant and their wash room well,  it is required to climb two flights of stairs. *
Dish #1 : Butter Chicken (of course!), Tandoori Chicken, Plain Naan bread, Mixed Greens and Curried Chickpeas. They were all delicious. Why I really came here was for the Butter Chicken. I have been begging Dan to take me but he didn't have the time because he had to study. 
Isn't food beautiful in the sunlight?
The red Tandoori Chicken was soooo good! 
I just finished doing my Tracy Anderson exercises and I am food blogging. This is not the best time for me to be writing about food. 
I love butter chicken! I would love to eat this on a monthly basis. 
I went to an Indian Restaurant a long time ago and tried this green goop that tasted so wonderful! And it turned out it was Saag Paneer! 
When I showed Danny this photo, he was like oh that?! That is Indian Cheese. LOL! It does have this creamy taste to it. 
Yummy Yummy! All of that Butter Chicken in my Tummy!

Plate #2!
There were two senior Caucasian ladies eating at the table next to me. They watch me eat plate after plate were astonished how much a small girl like me can eat. Of course, they indirectly said that. 
This time, I had some Saffron Rice. Dan was like, "Are you sure that is real Saffron Rice?" I was unsure what real saffron rice tasted like. 

This taste like a melted , watered down Vanilla Rice and Tapioca Pudding. I still enjoyed it. 
I would definitely return to this place for my Butter Chicken Fix. Hehehe! This Buffet had a fair amount of different types of food but I wish some of their food were more fresh. Not all of their food items tasted fresh. I would rate this place 3.0/5.0. Apparently, that day I had visited, it was short staffed. I clap for the female server who worked crazily trying to server everyone. I swear to God! If you had seen what I have seen, you would admire her. It was just her and this man refilling everyone's water and I saw the male server entering when I was about to leave. I would say the Naan and the Butter Chicken was the best they were always fresh! The buffet bill came to be for only $11-12 dollars? So for the quality of the food and the price and the service, it felt fair to me. I mean would you rather have a Mc Donald's Lunch that this? Oh hell no! So please consider this place before you spend $11-$12 in the Yonge and Eglinton Food Court. This is much better!

For more information:

Chef Of India
30 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON M4P 1A6

(416) 485-5552

Grazie Ristorante

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Hello everyone!
On Valentine's Day, Danny took me out to Grazie Ristorante near St. Clair Avenue and Yonge Street.

I have pasted this place in my adolescent years when I used to work at Canada's Square Famous Players with two of my high school friends. This restaurant is about a 15 minute walk away from St. Clair and Yonge. 
As soon as Dan and I stepped in, our server greeted us and told us to give him a minute while he finds us a table. The bar was the first thing I saw. It was a simple, clean looking bar. 
The Current Menu

This was my first time having Fresh Bread! It was exactly as the Anime show called Yakitate Japan that focuses on Bread Competitions. It was one of the most exciting and even educational about different types of bread and what can happen when one's imagination goes wild with bread.

Yakitate Japan:

Clearly this is not for young children, lol! 

They show really creative ideas like making a bread in a volcano shape and filling it with curry. Yum! I miss the Bread Bowls with Beef Stew Tim Horton's used to make a long time ago. 
It was hard to believe at first but French Bread is actually really soft in the inside and tough on the outside. I prefer the inside. :) 

I think I put too much butter my bread but I was really hungry and I knew the food wouldn't be served right away. 

The Gnocchi was sooood good! I would say it would be perfect for people who don't want to chew too much. It landed on our table piping hot. The Gnocchi was fresh, soft and it felt like cloud food in my mouth!

I ordered the Prato (pasta with chicken and green onions) and Danny ended up enjoying my dish better. LOL!
I love how they have artistically placed the herbs on the plate.
I really could not decide which photo looked better. 

I could NOT say no to parmesan cheese. How can I? 

Danny said that there was potato in the gnocchi and I was expecting a filling. So I showed it to him and "Where's the potato filling? I was expecting something like mashed potatoes in centre." Danny said, "No, there is potatoes mixed into the pasta dough. You know it is high quality if you cannot taste the potatoes." And I was like, "Ohhh... I see."
See the centre is doughy as the outer part. 

I am unsure if I should apoligize for the steam and the photo ending up looking a bit foggy. The food came out so fresh, it kept on fogging up my camera lens and I did not want to eat my food cold. I was a very Hungry Michie that day! :)
Looking down at the pasta all twisted up reminded me of Rapunzel's Hair. 

When I saw that there was a Creme Brulee Cheesecake I said, "Hands down I am getting that!" I was craving for Creme Brulee for a while and just did not have the opportunity to satisfy that craving. 

The Creme Brulee Creamcheese Cake was presented nicely.
Look at that gloss! It reminds me of a glossy piano. 
I tried my first bite and was sort of disappointed. There was no burnt surface. It was really a syrupy top layer sitting on top of the cake. Boo! 
However, I love most of La ROCCA cakes with real cream in it. They have worked their way to place an impression most of their cakes and rich, creamy and use quality ingredients. 

At Grazie, they sell art on their walls. 

The rest of the atmosphere...
They had a Valentine's Day Special!
Be sure to watch out for next year's V-day Menu!

I would definitely would return to this place. I told Danny, if our weekends are ever free, we are having a date at Yonge and Eglington and we and going to Grazie's for Lunch or Dinner! I would give this place 5.0/5.0. Despite the fact that the cake disappointed me, Grazie did not make the cake. This place has excellent customer service. I never raised up my hand for water. They observed the pace of how their customers were eating and note when water is required. I did have a negative experience in the beginning because my forks and spoons had food on it before we ordered but they had given me clean forks and spoons immediately. It shows this ristorante really do care about their brand and impression towards their customers. Our server was so pleasant and friendly. The food was flavourful, fresh and hot. What more can you ask for?

The second blog entry of Grazie:

For more information:

Grazie Ristorante
2373 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 2C8
(416) 488-0822