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Monday, February 10, 2014

Board Games/Snakes & Lattes/Roll House/Banned Toronto Library Books

Hello everyone!

I heard Snakes and Lattes have opened their second store as Snakes and Lager. I haven't been to Snakes and Lager yet. Those who have, let me know what you think? I mean, what is the difference between Snakes and Latte and Snake and Lager? Snakes and Latte also serves alcoholic beverages as well? I can see that Lagers have a different food menu but when I go to the game board cafe, I'm not there for the food. I'm there for the games.

Snakes and Lager Video:

I am into visual-spatial abstract/ territorial games.

I love Quarto! My ex-boyfriend's friend introduced me to this wonderful game. It basically is a game of Tic-Tac-Toe but with light and dark wooden pieces. And there is a twist to this because you handover your pieces over to your opponent to place on the board. The dark and light pieces come in tall or short, rectangular or cylindrical pieces and hallow or solid pieces. So if I see three tall pieces on the board that is placed diagonal, vertically or horizontally, you yell out "Quarto" to call that you see three wooden pieces that share one characteristic about them. Watch out for detail when you're playing this game. 

Blokus Duo or what I like to call Square Blokus. It's another 2 player visual, spatial, territorial game where you have to invade as much as you can with your pieces on the board. The way how you place your pieces on the board is by placing it in a manner that one of your pieces is connected or touching ONE corner of your pieces. You initially start the game by picking a corner of the board.
Batik was part of the Gigamic games collection. It's pretty much an empty picture frame where you can slip wooden pieces into it. The objective of the game is to slip your pieces into the frame in such a way that you eventually make the opponent's pieces stick out at the top of the frame. The one who has their piece sticking out of the frame loses.


I loved this game so much I had to purchase it! 
Quartex is another visual, spatial, game where you have an X number of these square pieces in your hand (it depends on how may players there are). You have to place your pieces in a way that it forms a pattern. It's harder than it looks because sometimes you get stuck and there are no cards you can place onto the table. Once you place the last piece that formed any of the four shape and completed the shape, you pick up a shape token which are the round cardboard pieces. 

You have these purple cards to hide your pieces. 
Quarto, again. 

Another fun game.. 
Jaipur is a strategic market game. Like monopoly, the objective of the game is to become the richest person but this is a 2 player game. 

I am not familiar with this game but I just thought it looked funny and cute. 
Qwirkle Cubes was another fun game. There is this boy on YouTube is explaining how to play the game.

Click on the link to see:

I enjoyed playing 3D blokus. It felt different from the 2D Blokus games because there different ways to play this game. I would say there were moments with this game where it was more frustrating.
My Favourite type of Blokus game! The Triangular type! Apparently, they stopped producing the Trigon version. Who does that? The triangular version is much more easier to play than the Square version of Blokus. 
Q-Bitz is an interesting game. 
It's pretty much another visual-spatial game. 
There are cards where they show patterns you have to copy with your cubes in the wooden plate. 

I haven't played this game but would like to play it one day. I watched on Youtube two Asian guys explaining how to play this game. It sounds like another 2 player game where you punch or hit the opponent to stop blocking your way. You can move your man piece or add walls. Just don't let the oppenent's piece get to your side of the board or else you will loose. 

If you want to see the two Asian guys explain the game and demonstrate click below:

I haven't played this game but I thought it looked interesting. 

For more information: 
 Snakes & Lattes
600 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1K4 
(647) 342-9229 

I was at the Toronto Public Library, the one at Christie and there was a display of Banned Books. I took a picture of the funniest book you wouldn't want to read to your children. It looks like a parent was frustrated trying to get their kid to sleep so the parent wrote a book called, "Go the Fok to Sleep". I am just joking.

This was not in Banned Book section. 
Dan and I got hungry so we returned to the Roll House for Black Bean Noodles and got combos. 

Sweet and Sour Chicken


Then we went to Eaton's Mall and I took random shots of Candy Apples. Yum! When I see Candy Apples, I think of Canada's Wonderland's Red and Blue Candy Apples. 

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