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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

High Street and Valumart

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Hello everyone!
This is my second blog of the day. I am a fan of Fish and Chips. The best regular Fish and Chips I'd ever had was at High Street. I mean "Regular" as in Fish and Chips that is not flavoured like Beer Battered Fish and Chips and etc. 

This place is usually packed so Dan planned to arrive there before 5pm.
So High Street is located in a plaza in a suburban area. 
Dan is asking for a table for two. Note that this place sells fine art on the wall. I love it how this restaurant supports artists and I think it's brilliant for artists to market themselves as well as their work. 
High Street's current Menu. Check it out! I like it how it's an old fashioned looking menu and there is a woman against the curtains and she is like "Tada! Behold here is our food items! "

I don't know why but we are always placed in this area to sit. It's not a bad area to sit. We get to view children's art on the side of their pie fridge and we watch fresh Fish and Chips being carried out by the servers from the kitchen. 
Glad to know it's freshly caught fish and they are trying to reduce their Carbon Footprint. 

The rest of the atmosphere of the restaurant. This is definitely a family restaurant and their clientèle are mainly composed of seniors from what I have observed. 
The meal started off with Bread and Butter. It wasn't home-made bread but it was fresh. 
We both ordered Cod as our fish. Isn't this beautiful? 
Don't you want to pinch a piece of the fried fish and eat it? 
Get this. Home-made Tartar Sauce. The most 
richest, delicious Tartar sauce that I have ever tasted. Why can't all Fish and Chips make their own Tartar Sauces and variation of Tartar sauce? 

Once you have tasted fresh fish and have acknowledged high quality fish meat you might NOT return to the other fish and chips you have hanged out at. I cannot stress how delicious this fish was. 
I wish you were here with me just so that you know the taste of this fish.

I'm halfway done eating. OMG, this fish was huge! It landed on my table piping hot. I took my time eating and savouring the fish. I felt like dancing as I ate my meal. 
I took some snap shots of their pies for you. We didn't try out their meat pies yet. 
I am interested in their Mince Steak,Curry Beef, Steak and Ale and Steak and Mushroom pies.

High Street is a hidden gemstone in the Parkwoods area. How I heard about this place was from Dan's friend by word of mouth. I wish Dan took me here a lot earlier. I rate this place 5.0/5.0. Whenever I think "Fish and Chips" I think "High Street". It's a funny restaurant name, "High Street". After consuming my meal, I was in a what I would like to describe, "Extra Silly" mood. I started cracking up stupid jokes and did a little dance later on in Valumart when no one was looking.  Then I realized it was probably the Omega Acids kicking in. 
Anyways, the food was delicious, fresh, hot everything you want in a good meal, including great customer service. It may be swamped with customers from time to time. Please plan to arrive early to reduce to risk of standing in a line, observing people eating their Fish and Chips and increasing your hungry and craving tenfolds. I swear to God, I once had a senior couple, they were the first ones in line and they observed me consume half of my meal. The fries were alright and they do provide Fish and Chips vinegar for those who enjoys their Fish and Chips traditionally with Vinegar, Salt and Pepper.  I tried my fries with Vinegar, Salt and Pepper and I enjoyed it. 
For those who aren't familiar with the Fish and Chips song here it is:

There was a valumart in the plaza and I had a few things I needed to purchase so we stepped in. 
We ended up returning to the Bakery section those these Chocolate Eclairs. My father had a French Cooking Book and I always though the Eclairs looked interesting and the tastiest I have made an attempt to bake Chocolate Eclairs but it was a really bad flop. I was thrilled to have real Eclairs, it's been more than a decade since I had one! 
This also looked tempting. 
My favourite cake of all time! The Larocca Bailey's Cheesecake! It is so rich and heavy but it's amazing! 

I thought this was interesting.
I guess you can make savoury things that appears to be cupcake-like. It would be cool to have a savoury cupcake pizza that tastes like a pizza.
It appeared to have this croissant, pastry flaky texture to the bread. 
I like it how President's Choice has some trendy food items.
The Garlic Naan is really good. If I lived near a Loblaws, I would keep an eye for this. 
How tempting! 
What's this?
Isn't this the cutest Marshmallows?

More Peeps! These are too cute to eat!  
Another trendy food item...
I was teasing Dan this is suitable for him because he is lactose intolerant and he likes soft foods. I was in a silly mood. 
What? Chocolate Soda? 
Would you try it? 
It was on sale and Dan asked me if he would like to try it out as a dare. I gently declined. 
I have seen this rub before. Has anyone tried this rub out? LOL, that doesn't sound right. 
Ah Shake n' Bake. This brings me memories from the late 1990's. I recall seeing commercials of Shake and Bake on the television. I guess what had attracted me was that this box of seasoned bread crumbs allowed children to be involved in the kitchen, interact with food and cook. They made it look so cool, fun and easy because all you need to do is coat the breadcrumbs in the plastic bag provided by shaking the moist meat inside the bag of breadcrumbs and your chicken is ready for baking. They made it look so easy but I recalled the breadcrumbs eventually muddy and it eventually poorly coated the chicken. 
Interesting design for a drink.

I love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! And now there is about 7-8 different types of Kraft Single Cheese! This is crazy! 
I like how Kraft has created opposite polar cheeses. Sharp Cheddar? 
Or Mild Three Cheese? This is a hard decision. 
Oooh! Extremely Thick Slices. This is something new, at least for me. 
My favourite Magnum White Chocolate Ice Cream Bars. I love LOVE these! 
Ok, did anyone see this? Dark Chocolate Milk? How does that work? I am laughing in the inside as I am typing about this. Once you add Dark Chocolate to Milk, it's Milk Chocolate! Isn't it? 

This is bit pricey but I love the Chicken Bombay Salad! It is sweet, creamy, curry with some raisins, pasta shells, chicken strips and green onion. 

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