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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Congee Queen and Very Fair #4

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Hello everyone!
It's a snowy day in Toronto. 
Today, I would like to share with the world my love for Chinese Breakfast foods. I like it so much I wouldn't mind having it for breakfast or dinner. 
I felt like having Congee for dinner.
I ordered the Sliced Beef Congee, one of my favourites! 

The beef was so tender and it was easy to eat, perfect for seniors. 
Dan usually ordered the Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup. I tasted it and thought it contained too much sodium but Dan like it the way it was. 
The Green onions floating on top of the soup reminds me of a lily pond and it's soothing to look at. 
For those who enjoy Chinese Puddings, you would like the Golden Pudding at Congee Queen.
The first time I have tried a Chinese pudding was the Mango Pudding with Milk. It looks something like this:
I liked it how the Pudding was not very sweet. It had a gelatinous. You can even say it tasted like a lightly creamy mango Jello. 
Anyways, back to the golden pudding. They have sprinkled sweet bread crumbs over the pudding. I swear to God, it tasted like a Cheesecake firm pudding. I liked it. 

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I got addicted to Very Fair's dim sum.

I got this as a morning/lunch item for $2!

The Shrimp was succulent and piping hot! 
This is what I didn't like about Chinese restaurants in general. Sometimes, you would read what appears to be a vegetarian food item and it turns out there is meat in it. I ordered a deep fried taro roll and it turned out there was some mystery meat in it. Dan told me the meat was probably pork. 
For those who enjoy Taro and Pork, you would probably enjoy this. It has a blend of green, potatoey Taro and Ground Pork. I can't believe Potatoey isn't a word. It is a word now. 

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