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Monday, March 3, 2014

Banh Mi Boys

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Hello Modern Asian Food Lovers!
It's cold outside, eh?

Today, I was strolling around in the downtown region with a friend doing some shopping when I got really hungry. It was cold outside and we decided to eat Subway and my friend asked me if I wanted to go to Banh Mi Boys instead.

I was like, "Of course! I wanted to go there but Dan doesn't take me out to downtown. "

I read a lot of positive reviews from the Online Restaurant Review Websites, The Grid (a free Toronto Trendy Lifestyle Newspaper that is somewhat well-known among the young population. I usually read the food review section of the newspaper) and word of mouth that Banh Mi Boys has the tastiest food items.

For more information about The Grid:

 We headed full speed to the Banh Mi Boys.

 Seating areas....
 I guess I would describe this as Modern Asian Art.
As I have expected, they played popular hip hop, R&B funk music that were popular from 2000-2004. I heard some songs and I was like "Hey, these songs were popular in my high school days. I guess I am old school. "
 Kimchi Fries: French fries, Kimchi, Pulled pork, Green onions and Mayonnaise

I swear to God, I did not know it had pork in it until now as I am blogging. I normally don't consume pork. I will admit, I thought it was beef and it was delicious. I wonder if they would be able to substitute the pork with something else if I had made a request... Anyways, my friend treated me out and if I knew from the beginning I am unsure if I would have been able to avoid it. I didn't want to be rude. A great majority of the Chinese population worships Pork. You should have seen Danny's family's reaction when I told his Chinese Father and Mother, I don't eat pork. Their expression was similar to this:

 The kimchi was perfectly fermented to be coupled with the fries.  
Apparently, Kimchi goes well with potatoes. I watched on YouTube some European cook created Kimchi Perogies. 

In a traditional Chinese restaurant, I wanted to try their Steamed buns/ Steamed Bao for the longest time but they all come with one type of meat filling which is Pork. 
I am so glad that now I have access to steam buns with other types of meat and tofu. I would love to learn how to make steam buns and design my own fillings. 

 Steamed Bao with Braised Beef for me! :)  :)  :)
 Hello hello Jalapeño ! I had some Sriracha hot sauce on my bao. I usually enjoy a kick of spice.
My friend didn't know what Sriracha sauce was and she is Chinese.  I told her, "It's the Chinese red hot sauce that comes in a clear plastic bottle with a green tip at the top." and that rang a bell for her. 

Sriracha sauce:

Dan and his colleagues call this "Cock Sauce" because there is a Chicken on it. I never heard from this terminology. Could  you image saying, "Hey, can you please pass the Cock Sauce?" at work? It just doesn't sound right. 

 My friend ordered the Steam Bao with Panko Tofu.
I asked her how was her sandwich and my friend regretted that she refused the spice when the female staff was assembling her bun. She said no hot sauce and no hot peppers. She said without the spice, it tasted pretty bland in her opinion. 
 Mmmm... Kimchi!!!
 My favourite photo of the day!
The braised beef  cheek was so tender, soft and flavourful. You can tell that it was marinated overnight. Well done Banh Mi Boys!

The customers who were sitting at the next adjacent table were enjoying their meal as much as my friend and I. I kept on hearing, "Mmmm... Delicious!" from their table. It kind of reminded me of the sound effects from the game, Candy Crush. 

 I like the way the natural light is hitting the sandwich. It's lovely even though there is a huge bite in it.
 The last photo of my bun before I take my first bite. 
The steamed bao became fragile because of the moisture from the braised beef sauce. Did this taste spicy? Not really. As I was eating the steamed bao, it really was a tiny kick of spice here and that I barely felt any heat. Next time, I would like to have double amount of jalapeño and hot sauce because I didn't even break one sweat. 
 Some tasty close up shots... Please bring some tissues to wipe off your drool.

I want you to pretend you're having some Kimchi Fries with me. The tangy, sour, saltiness and sweetness of the kimchi, laced with some chopped green onions and the pulled pork which tasted like beef to me with some mayo unite together in this wonderful harmony in your mouth. As you are eating it, it feels like there is a wonderful orchestra playing in your mouth but it's really different parts of your palette being stimulated all at once and it feels so right.

I really enjoyed my lunch/dinner at Banh Mi Boys. It was such a delicious and beautiful Asian fusion. I can see that their food items are stemmed from Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese ingredients. For my next visit here, I would like to try out their Banh Mi Lemongrass Tofu, Steamed Bao Tofu or Chicken and Jicama Papaya Salad. I would rate this place 5.0/5.0. Strangely for the first time, standing in the long line created some positive excitement if you know what I mean. It felt like watching a movie with twists, turns and suspense and you just would like to know how it would end. I would recommend anyone and everyone to try out the Banh Mi Boys if you are in the downtown area. Their customer service was excellent. I saw the staff wiping the tables whenever the opportunity arises. And people, don't be too afraid of the spice. Try the smallest amount of Sriracha sauce and one piece of jalapeño pepper on one side of your sandwich.

The Banh Mi Boys have two sites: one on Queen street West and one located on Yonge Street. I visited the one on Queen Street West.
For more information:

Banh Mi Boys
392 Queen St West
Toronto, ON
M5V 2A9

(416) 363-0588

Banh Mi Boys
399 Yonge St
Toronto, ON
M5B 159
(416) 977-0303


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