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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Butter Avenue Gift Card + High Street Fish & Chips + Valu-Mart

Hello everyone!
I had somewhat recently blogged about Butter Avenue, the dessert shop that specializes in French Macaroons.
I have sent the blog entry to Butter Avenue and I have learned that the owner of Butter Avenue, Calvin truly cared about the well-being of his business. He apologized and asked for my home address so he can send me a gift card.

I received this card a couple of days ago in the mail.

Thank you Calvin! I will definitely return to Butter Avenue. I already have a good idea what I would like to try next at Butter Avenue. 
High Street Fish and Chips on Urbanspoon
Today, we returned to High Street for Fish and Chips. Lol, Danny didn't move out of the way in time and now he looks like a creeper. 

Baked haddock with lemon and parsley with chips
Haddock and Chips

Simon said that he preferred the battered and deep fried fish over his baked fish.
Cod & Chips

My Fish and Chips are glowing! I didn't alter any of my photos, at most I circle things.
I love their homemade tartar sauce! 

So Dan and I usually stick with Cod Fish because it's the one of the "Fluffiest fish".

Baked Haddock with tartar sauce. 

The deep fried golden goodness!

The servers at High Street are nice. It's usually busy here.

After the meal, we all went to Valu-Mart and checked out their dessert section.
Mmm... Red Velvet

We ordered 3 eclairs. Yum! Don't leave these at room temperature for too long. The moisture from the cream will be absorbed by the bread and it will become soggy. Refrigerate these as soon as you arrive home.
Yumm! Carrot cake! 
Oh sorry, Baby Carrot Cake.

Edible Sweet Froggies! 

I had no idea that Farmer's Market makes cake. I was quite accustomed seeing their apple pie, pumpkin pies and more.

We all tried the free sample and it was delicious! It looked like a cream puff that was halved. There was this rich, tasty cream filling in the centre.

Zeppole? I never of this dessert. 
So I just looked up Zeppole and of course the richest and the best desserts usually originate from Italy. The Zeppole goes through a deep-fried process and has a filling. I read on Wikipedia that the custard can be butter and honey, now there is an idea! I wonder what Butter and honey would taste like? 

I learned that it can take different forms (Stolen from the internet):

Did anyone try this decaffeinated chocolate bar? 
Dan's friend's colleague actually overdosed on these chocolate bars and had to go to the hospital. 

Anyways, High Street has proven over and over again that their service is consistent, their food items are consistently delicious and I would recommend anyone who is a fan of fish and chips to visit High Street.

For more information:

High Street Fish And Chips
55 Underhill Dr
Toronto, ON M3A 2J7
(416) 510-8905

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