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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dear Schnitzel Lovers: Hail to the Schnitzel Queen!

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Good evening!
Today, I just had the best deep fried meat in the downtown region of Toronto.
So Danny has been raving about a Schnitzel place called Schnitzel Queen at Sherbourne Street and Queen Street East. 

So Danny was telling me after his job interview, he decided to visit this restaurant and he started with "The Regular" (tomato, Romaine lettuce, mayo, and pork schnitzel all on a bun), 3 times a week.  Eventually he fell in love with "The Queen" (sauerkraut, potato salad, roasted onions, pork schnitzel on top of Romaine lettuce, also on a bun), and visited "Her Highness" once a week.

Their hours of operation sign is right on their window of their entrance. 
This was the view of where we were sitting. I enjoyed the homey and cultural theme and it reminded me of the Ice Cream Store, "Dutch Dreams". I'm going a bit off topic but Dutch Dreams relocated and renovating. I believe it will be re-opening in about 2 months from now. 
The staff members there are very family orientated. They have several photos of their children, especially the male cook's daughter. She is adorable! The male cook said, "My daughter is my Schnitzel Queen!"

As you can see, Schnitzel Queen is a small, cosy restaurant. It only has about 4-5 seats. 
Chalkboard Menu
I ordered the Chicken Schnitzel and it arrived at my table really quickly. I originally requested for the mushroom sauce. The male cook informed me that the sauce contains pork and if that is okay with me. I switched my sauce to the lemon sauce. I thought I would be getting some sort of a sweet lemon corn syrupy sauce but I got fresh lemons slices. I tilted my head and wondered, "How would this taste? This reminds me of fish and chips." 
I never had to squeeze lemon on to a meat unless it's Fish and Chips. So this was an interesting and different food experience for me. 
Chicken Schnitzel with Lemon slices (sauce), sauerkraut and potato salad.
This was a HUGE piece of deep fried meat! Next time I will bring my measuring tape to show you the perspective. I think this Chicken Schnitzel was large as my face. 
I love sauerkraut. I was first exposed to sauerkraut when I visited my cousin's home. She gotten married to a polish man and one day, she was eating some sauerkraut. I curiously approached her and asked what she was eating. She said, "This is Kimchi for the Polish People." LOL! 

Danny ordered "The Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich".

The sandwich bread is sort of shaped as an upside down heart.
This was my first bite of the Chicken Schnitzel. 
My second bite. I loved it how the chicken tasted so simple. I only tasted some sodium, the flavor from the bread crumbs, chicken and the fresh lemon juice. It was nice and simple.
"Are you read to get Schnit - Faced?"
I tried a bit of Danny's sandwich. It was delicious!
The sauerkraut was soft, tangy, sour and sweet all at the same time.
The potato salad was creamy and the vegetables made it taste sweet. Not sweet as in the strong sweetness from granulated refined sugar but the natural sweetness you taste from vegetables.  Danny and I agreed that this was the Best Potato Salad ever! 
I tried some of the sandwich bread with mayo and a slice of tomato. It was a slice of heaven! All of the components just worked really well! 

I couldn't finish my plate. I was struggling to finish my Schnitzel and Sauerkraut.  This is definitely a meal for the hungry.  Or two meals!

My first experience at the Schnitzel Queen, I give it 5.0/5.0. For the first time in a very very long time, I recognized that the Schnitzel Queen actually had a sales pitch. And they got their pitch down right to every detail. The place was small but the workers establish these memorable connections with their customers. Not only with just Dan and I. I observed them remembering their regular customers and what they usually order. It was really heart warming to observe how Schnitzel Queen worked. The place was clean, the staff members were so nice, especially the male cook! The food arrived to our table quickly and it was absolutely delicious! Dan and I were lucky. The next two ladies who walked in also tried to order a Chicken Schnitzel and Dan and I were munching on the last ones. After that, another man walked in and requested for a Chicken Schnitzel and he was so sad to hear they have ran out of the chicken. According to Danny, Schnitzel Queen is so popular that he had observed the chicken running out during lunch hours! They have recently extended their hours of operation to 7pm, so please swing by if you are in the Sherbourne area of downtown Toronto.

Check out this awesome Arnold impersonation by the cook:

For more information:

Schnitzel Queen
237 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1S4
(416) 363-9176

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