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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eclairs + Asian Bowl

Hello everyone!
The snow is finally starting to melt again in Toronto.

I wanted to show you guys the Eclairs from Valu-Mart.
Doesn't this look delicious! A perfect combination of Chocolate and Cream because it's good for my hips! 
Whenever I look at an Eclair, it reminds me of a hot dog but it's the dessert version with no toppings.
Lol, the associate at Valu-Mart left a mark or a print on the chocolate part.
:) :) :)
This picture just makes me smile.

Asian Bowl on Urbanspoon

We were out at Eaton's Mall and it was getting late but we were so hungry. 
Dan and I wanted to go to 3 Brewers at Dundas and Yonge but it was pack and we would have to wait 15 minutes or more. I looked around and there were 3 groups of people waiting to be seated around 8pm. We said "No Thanks." and left 3 Brewers. So I told Dan, we go to Popeyes Chicken or Asian Bowl for Pho. Dan had chosen Asian Bowl.

I wasn't interested in any of the Today's Special Food items. 

The atmosphere of Asian Bowl. They even had TV playing basketball if anyone care to watch sports while eating. 

Chicken Deep Fried Spring Rolls with Fish sauce

It was good. The Chicken Spring Rolls arrived hot crispy. Danny enjoyed it more than I did. 

Basil Leaves with Condiments (Chilli Paste with Hoisin sauce)

Beef Pho

The Pho was good but my only complaint was...Why did the broth taste so sweet? It tastes like someone added sugar which was weird. Perhaps someone had mixed up the sugar for the salt? I really don't know what happened in the kitchen that night. 

I got a random beef ball. I personally don't like beef balls in the Pho.

I would give Asian Bowl 3.0/5.0. Other than the sweet Pho Broth, the food was mediorcre. The service at Asian Bowl was okay. It was hard to catch the server's attention. The restaurant was clean and the interior decoration was nice except for their washroom. Usually, Asian restaurants are brightly lit but the lightening at Asian Bowl was dim for an Asian restaurant. I am unsure if I would return to this place because the pho was not memorable. Apparently, Asian Bowl had won a food award in 2006. Asian Bowl had given me an impression that they weren't trying to win another award and they would continue to create average dishes.  

For more information:

Asian Bowl

271 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M5B
(416) 368-2695

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