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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant

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Hello Lobster Lovers!

I had the BEST Lobster ever here at Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant. The clubhouse is located across from Pacific Mall. 

The Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant is owned by Danny's mother's cousin. I think there either A) Had an error with the restaurant title or... B) Someone already took "Fisherman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant".
Shortly after I had visited this place, the Food Network Channel had filmed a review. It felt pretty cool that the restaurant got American Celebrity chefs to drop by.

Andrew Zimmern and Chef Susur Lee from the Food Network Channel visited the restaurant.
For those who aren't familiar with Andrew Zimmern, he hosts this Food Network Show called Bizarre Foods. Andrew travels all over the world to try out foods that are pungent, not visually appealing, and things you normally would not eat. I like to call Andrew Zimmern the opposite of Anthony Bordain. 

I think he is a brave soul for signing up to try out the most bizarre foods around the world. 

Andrew Z. and his lobsters at Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant.
To view Andrew Zimmern's review please click on the link below:

Youtube Username: josephlamweb
Joseph did a fair review on this restaurant. Please click on the link below to view josephlamweb's review:

So once the family decided how many pounds the lobster should be, the server usually brings the lobster in a large plastic bin and places the lobster in the centre for everyone to view it, take photos on our cellphones and to confirm if the size is fine with us. 

The lobster is shown. This was the hugest Lobster I had ever seen! 
I am unsure what type of fish or sea urchin this was but it looked like some sort of a ray. 
Battered and Deep Fried Bitter Melon.
I am not a big fan with Bitter Melon, but I will eat it. 
Strangely, the first bite of the bitter melon was the worst after that, the bitterness  was diminished to a point where it almost tasted like deep fried potatoes. 

The setting of the Clubhouse was fantastic. It was a fine dining restaurant with chandeliers everywhere. It attracted the young adults, I would say around people in their 20's and over. 

I had observed that most of the customers ordered their Famous Garlic Lobster. Yum yum! One time, I have tried the Garlic Lobster from the clubhouse due to an incident. A customer actually claimed that they did not order the Garlic Lobster and refused to have it because he/she disliked garlic so the owner, Chak called Danny's mother to pick it up. And so she did as well as the Atlantic King Crab. Holy Shit, the lobster and the crab was the most wonderful sea urchins I had ever eaten! The crab had this natural sweet essence to it and the lobster was so succulent and sweet. They were both bursting with flavour! 

Battered Deep Fried Bitter Melon on the Left side of the photo and the Green beans with beef and nuts stirfry on the right side.
Corn and Egg drop soup, one of my favourites! 
Baby Clams? I didn't dare touch this dish.

I was expecting to try out the Garlic Lobster fresh right here in the clubhouse but to my surprise, the lobster was cooked in a different style. It was coated in honey and black bean sauce. I personally didn't think it was a good combination. I just wanted Garlic all over the lobster. 
In my opinion, the lobster was sticky from the sugar and honey and it was too sweet for me. Natural sweetness of the lobster + sugar & honey = Too sweet! 

Grouper Fish with Soy Sauce was super awesome!!!
One of Dan's cousin told me to each the cheek of the fish and told me it is the BEST part to eat! I tried the other cheek as he recommended and it tasted like chicken. 

Dan's older brother was in Toronto to visit the family and this cold chicken dish was his favourite dish. I am not a big fan of this dish because I did try it and I prefer my chicken to be warm and flavourful. The chicken didn't taste like anything.

I would rate the Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant 4.5/5.0 and would like to return to this clubhouse restaurant as soon as possible. Every wall of this clubhouse restaurant was an aquarium You can select which fish or sea urchin you want and watch the staff pull out fresh fish.  How cool is that? I know most Chinese restaurants have an aquarium but the size of this aquarium will bedazzle you. The design of the restaurant was clean, breathtaking, beautiful, exquisite and very appealing. I had never seen anything like this place. The servers were very attentive and came by often to refill the tea pot of teas and hot water. The food was phenomenal, ultimately delicious and they use quality ingredients.  I didn't take enough photos as I had wished to because my hands were busy feeding myself. Next time I visit this place, I am bringing my camera. These pictures were from my cellphone so it isn't the greatest. I apologize. 

If you love Chinese and Seafood, this place should be on top of your list to visit. I am not saying this because Chak is related to Danny but the food is quite lovely!

For more Information:

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant
680 Silver Star Blvd Toronto, ON M1V 4S5
(416) 321-0250

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