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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Made in China - Hot Pot Buffet

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Hello Hungry Folks!
I recently went to Made in China for Hot Pot. I made a request to Danny's father that I haven't eaten Hot Pot for a while and would like some when he is available.

The Entrance of the Restaurant

One half of the restaurant was packed and it was busy.
Apparently, this place was a Dual Restaurant. It was Made in China & The Korean Grill House. There was no sign at their entrance so no one would have known unless they actually stepped inside and taken note of the Korean Grill Menu.

I looked at their Made in China Menu and there were a lot of food items with several discontinued food items. Approximately at this Made in China, about 85% of their food items were crossed off. It appeared you can only purchase very simple dishes and some beverages. 

So we all got Hot Pot Buffet and this was the Soup Base Menu.
I like Filipino Sinigang Flavour so I selected the Tomato & Fish Soup.
The Buffet Prices. Dan and I thought that the Children's prices was a bit expensive. 

Sauces and other condiments...

The condiments were questionable. 
The chopped green onions were very dried for a second, I thought they were dehydrated green onions. Nope, they are stale chopped green onions....
The only thing that was alright was the peanut butter that was watered down to make it easier to mix with the soy sauce.
I love Garlic!!! However, the dry garlic flakes (I am really unsure if it was stale fried garlic) and the fresh minced garlic were stale and it just didn't taste right. I wouldn't advise you guys having it.

Fish and Tomato Soup with beansprouts on the left and Szechwan Style Spicy Soup on the Right. I was disappointed to observe there were no tomatoes in the Fish and Tomato Soup which means, this is just Sinigang Soup Powder with tofu and beansprouts. I was really expecting some fish and tomato because of the additional $5 charge.

We allowed Dad to do most of the cooking.
You see that cup of Juice that is sitting slightly on the left of the photo?
I don't know exactly what it is called. Danny called it, "Tamarind Juice". Dad calls it "Sweet and Sour Juice" or "Palm Juice". I think it was Tamarind Juice. It tasted Sweet and Sour but more on the sweet side. This juice saved my life that day. I had no idea how spicy the Szechwan Style Spicy Soup would be. And this Juice was the Antidote to the dragon fire in my mouth. I have learned, if you eat something extremely spicy, don't grab the water. Don't touch the milk. Cause nothing kills the fire like the Tamarind Juice!
Udon Noodles Beef Balls and Mushrooms
Some more Tofu, Squid Rings, Deep Fried Tofu, and I have no idea what that grey meat was. No idea. They told me there wasn't any raw pork on the table. Whatever this mystery meat was, I didn't have any.
I don't know what these types of greens these were but it had a strong fragrance to it. I actually enjoyed it. It reminded me of a parsley. 
Squid Rings.
So the server told us we can only have one round of free seafood items and that was it. It turned out that everything that was seafood was stale except for the shrimp. I was disappointed once again. 

You see that dish on the top left hand corner? Those are bean curds and I fell in love with those. I haven't seen nor eaten bean curds shaped in that fashion. It created this interested texture. Some people may describe it as, "It tastes like cardboard! " but being raised as a vegetarian, I loved it. I never had deep fried tofu/bean curd (bottom left hand corner) in hot pot. It tasted SOOOO GOOOD!
Seafood food items
We each got one egg to make the dipping sauce.

These balls got pork in it, FYI.
Dad ordered some Chinese Sausage with Rice.

It's boiling! It's show time!
Bean Curd with Soy Sauce
Looking at the bean curd reminded me of the Candy Twizzlers.
Tofu was not fresh!
This was so delicious!
Boiled Beef
Egg bath
My beef is going for a second dip in soy sauce.
These beef balls were tasty. There were some very fragrant herbs that went well with the meat. 
I tried a little dab of peanut butter. It was okay but nothing amazing. 

Seafood ball
I decided I would like to try whatever's boiling in the Szechwan Style Spicy Soup Side. Lol, say Szechwan Style Spicy Soup Side 3 times as fast as you can. Good tongue twister, eh?
Holy shit! No wonder why the soup was sooo incredibly spicy. There probably was about 25 of these dried chilli pepper bad boys in the soup. People think just because I am Korean, I can take the heat. I can't! I was born in Canada! I had one scoop of Szechwan Style Spicy cabbage, green onions and beef and that was it for me. My mouth immediately ignited in flames and I couldn't stop coughing until I had some of that Tamarind Juice. Those of you who really enjoy spicy foods, the Szechwan Style Spicy Soup is it for you. Those who would like to burn some extra calories with food, please try the Szechwan Style Spicy Soup.
My Shrimp
So the longer the Szechwan Style Spicy Soup is boiling, the spicier the soup becomes.
It was still packed. Most of the Clientèle were families as you can see.
Korea BBQ vent

I would rate this place 3.0/5.0. I would return to this place and this time, I would know exactly what to order: Beef, Deep Fried Tofu and Bean Curds. Dad made us finish whatever was on the table initially so I got filled up pretty quickly and I didn't have as much beef as I wanted. The beef was fresh and it was tasty. 

The service at Made in China wasn't the best and had difficulties requesting for small things. I asked one of the male server twice for a plate because the soup was filling up. I waited and waited and finally I gave up on him, I had to ask a different male server for a plate. Why do they even hand out plates at a hot pot place (other than plates are cheaper)? I'm not saying this specifically towards Made in China but I recall in my previous experiences with Hot Pot. I think it would make sense to hand out bowls.You might say, "Hungry Michie, why don't you drink the soup?" Initially the soup is okay but after all of that meat fat and cholesterol leaching out of the meat, it becomes gravy.

It reminded me of an episode of The Simpsons where Principle Skinner said, "Good Gravy!" and the server said "It's just Brown and Water."

For more information:
Made in China - Hot Pot Buffet
3280 Midland Ave E
Unit 27-28
Scarborough, ON M1V 0C7

(416) 332-8807

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