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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Owl Minerva (Scarborough)

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Hello everyone!

This is an old blog entry.
I have heard from my ex-boyfriend's colleague that she actually enjoyed Owl Minerva. I have heard some negative comments about Owl so I decided to visit them and see for myself.

Spicy Chicken on a sizzling plate 
(Danny's Order)
This was actually spicy!
The Rice was cooked to what I considered close to perfect that day. 
Hot Stone Pot of rice with marinated vegetables and some ground beef. 

In Danny's opinion, there was barely any chicken meat and it was mediocre. It wasn't the best he had. They need a dedicated dishwasher and a chef who cares. They seemed very jaded (Probably from working long hours). The Korean female server at the Scarborough location had to wash the dishes, we observed her mop the floor and deal with the front line customers.

I was disappointed in my hot stone bowl. You know you have a really good hot stone bowl of rice when you have to scrape the bottom of the stone pot because the rice is sticking onto it. You can see that the rice at the bottom over cooked and the rice became brown, hard and crispy. My hot stone pot had no trace of brownness and it had none of that hard rice texture which disappointed me.
I can see why people enjoy going to Owl Minerva because it is a 24 hours Korean restaurant but the quality of the food is quite poor. If I went to a club and gotten hungry from dancing and did not feel like standing in the cold eating a hot dog at an odd hour, I would prefer going to Owl Minerva. Other than that given situation and if I really did not have anything to eat at home and was not in the mood to cook, I would consider returning to this place. I would rate this place 2.5/5.0.

For more information:

Famous Owl of Minerva

4186 Finch Ave E, Unit 8 
Scarborough, ON M1S 4T5
(416) 291-7275

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