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Friday, March 21, 2014

Select Bakery

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Today, a friend wanted to visit Select Bakery. She heard word of mouth from her personal trainer that she should go try some "Milfe". I swear to God that is what he texted her and I saw his texts with my own eyes. I giggled inside my head as she kept on saying "Milfe". I dare not tell her what MILF meant from the movie "American Pie".

File:American Pie1.jpg

Anyways, the entrance of the Select Bakery Store. It was huge!
I liked the window decorations. Ready for Easter already! 

Right when you enter the bakery, you see a bunch of wedding style cakes on the right side. There are more wedding or party cakes on the left side as well. It's like you're walking through the gateway of Cake Heaven..

Next, there is an island of different types of breads and sweet treats.
Initially, my friend thought this is what her personal trainer was recommended her. 
These are Ekmek.

I am a sucker for Puddings. I am getting this next time. 
Cheese Cake
I couldn't say no to the Mocha Cake.

I love Tiramisu! 

Looks like a giant cream puff.

What is a Karioka? 
I googled it and it appeared similar to the honey balls and seems like it originated from the Philippines. 

This looks really good too!

This looks interesting. I wonder what it tastes like. 

Ah, I remember these at Taste of Danforth! 
I wasn't expecting French Macaroons here! 

So many pastries shaped differently. I never seen such pastries before.

Ohhh! Pies!

When I saw this, I tried saying this without saying "Dimples".

There were these cake dolls hanging. 

Spiderman cake!
Minion or Cousin Cake from the movie Despicable Me.

I ordered the Mocha Cake.
And one of the custard pudding (Ekmek).
I flipped open the lid and this is what it looked like.
The cookie was pretty soggy...
Here is my first bite of the pudding! 

The pudding was thick, creamy, rich and it was just a tad too sweet for me but this is just me and my Korean Tongue. Hey look! There were..... NOODLES at the bottom of my pudding. This was an interesting surprise.

The bottom section of the pudding had some syrup and what reminded me of egg noodles.

 My Mocha Cake!

Take the first bite with me!
I was disappointed in the Mocha Cake. It didn't not taste fresh and I found it to be incredibly sweet. It was so sweet that I could not finish it because it was starting to upset my stomach. I just finished the custard pudding. I wouldn't get the Mocha cake again.

So my friend texted her personal trainer and he meant to recommend the "mille-feuille or the Napoleon cake".

I saw the cake and said, "My high school friend's grandmother can make a really mean Napoleon Cake. I need to get the recipe from her or ask the grandmother to show me how to make it."

I tried a bite of the cake and it was wonderful! In my perspective, there was too much icing sugar on top of the cake but I guess that's the way how the Greeks enjoy their sweets. It was flaky, creamy, rich and sweet! Yum! I think this is a very interesting cake because the cake has a flaky, dry texture and it meets this creamy, rich, moisture layer.

I would rate this place 3.5/5.0. Their custard pudding and the Napoleon cake was great! My friend was a bit indecisive of what to get and the female staff who was helping her out was sort of rude to her. Other than that, the place was great. They had half of the store selling imported Greek goods like Olive Oil ($25) five different types of feta cheese, olives and etc. The place was clean and well executed. As soon as we placed an order on the custards, another Greek lady placed a large order on the custard pudding. I think she took home six pudding with her. My friend and I concluded that this was a hot item because they were running low on the custard pudding comparing it to their rice pudding.
If you are a hardcore sweet tooth and love your desserts on the very sweet side, I would recommend you the Select Bakery. I hope you guys enjoyed the photos!

For more information:

Select Bakery
405 Donlands Ave, East York, ON M4J 3S2
(416) 421-2400

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