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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar in Scarborough

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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. The snow started to melt and I thought we may have an early spring but nope, we got some snow. 

 We went to the Keg in Scarborough. Danny had a $50 gift card and it had been sitting in his room for years. I told him, why don't we go get some steak tonight? 

I could not resist taking a photo of the graffiti on the gas station store. 

 We got a good spot for parking. This place looks small, eh?
Nope, it is HUGE! I actually did a 360 around the whole restaurant hoping to find a wash room sign somewhere and ended up asking a staff member. They have their own bar, and private booths. I would love to spend my birthday here one day. 
 The entrance...
 We were seated in a small booth for two. They actually install coat hangers for each booth except for our booth. It was a bit uncomfortable sitting and eating with my long winter jacket by my side. 
 Our table...
 I saw the Braised Short Rib Consummé and I had a strong intuition what I was going to order.

The Loaf of Bread and Whipped Butter
The loaf and butter was good however, I have tasted fresher loaves at Canyon Creek.

I knew what I wanted to order but I wanted to test Dan how well he knew my taste in food so I asked him to order for me. 

Umm... It was good and filling! 
The Braised Short Rib Consummé arrived to the table.
My first reaction was, "That's all? Two pieces of beef meat?"

Yup, this was it for $9 +tax. 
I tried the meat and it tasted like a beef brisket. It was soft and chewy. 
Now let's try the broth. It looked like dark brown beef broth with some fatty droplets of oil floating on the surface. It tasted like beef broth with a lot of soy sauce and perhaps a drop of balsamic vinegar. It tasted like a salty type of soup.  This was my first time having Consummé.
I wish there was 3-4 pieces of meat. 

Dan knows me too well. He ordered the Peppercorn New York
New York striploin coated with black peppercorns and creamy peppercorn sauce. 12 oz. I had the Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes with grilled vegetables.

Danny ordered the Sirloin Oscar which was Grilled top sirloin topped with shrimp, scallops, asparagus and Béarnaise sauce. 8 oz accompanied by Twice Baked Potato (contains bacons bits).
This is such a lovely baked potato! Piped out so beautifully and baked twice enough to brown the surface which creates this interesting texture on top of the potato. 
Yum! Scallops and Shrimp!

I LOVE Peppercorns. I love Black Pepper, White Pepper, Chilli Peppers... I love all peppers but the Jamaican pepper, that is way too strong! 
My mouth is salivating as I am typing. I had my steak in medium rare. 
A Note to Self: Asparagus goes well with Red peppers visually as well as their taste. 
I tried Dan's Steak. It has some creamy sauce and it tasted more raw than my steak and we both ordered our steaks medium rare. 
I gave Dan a bite of my steak and he preferred my steak over his. 
I wish I had more grilled peppers. I love anything grilled. 
The scallops were to die for.... Yum yum yummm! 
And how could I forget the shrimp. I had a bite of everything that was on his plate. 
My Garlic Mashed Potatoes were so good! It went well with the small pool of wine that was sitting on the bottom of my plate. The mashed potato was fluffy, filling and had bits of red potato skin hiding at the bottom of the plate. 

The Twice Baked Potato that has some veggies and bacons bits.
This is art ! One day, I would like to create my own vegetarian version of the Twice Baked Potato with onions, garlic, carrots and broccoli flowers! :) 
This was too rare for me. Next time, I will probably order my steaks Medium to Medium Well. I haven't eaten a steak in the longest time. Well, now I know better. 

I would rate this place 4.0/5.0. The server was alright. We had our moments trying to catch her attention for some water and she just walked by. I didn't like my seating area and should have asked the server if I could sit somewhere else. The food was amazing! The last time I ate at the Keg was probably during high school. Back then, I didn't have a good impression of The Keg. I didn't recall having the free bread and butter service back then. Dan and I were discussing about the complimentary Bread and Butter and it is the current trend and Canyon Creek is just up the road from this Keg Steakhouse restaurant so there is competition. The food was tasty, fresh and looked very appealing to the eye. I would definitely return to The Keg Steakhouse in Scarborough.

For more information:
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar
Address: 60 Estate Dr, Scarborough, ON M1H 2Z1
Phone:(416) 438-1452

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