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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Very Fair Chinese Restaurant #5- Breakfast

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Hello everyone!
So I am still currently addicted to Dim Sum or what I like to call "Chinese Breakfast" because my favourite food items are not exactly a light meal because I can eat a large amount at times but it does touch my heart.

Rice Roll with Beef

I think I am addicted to this because of the texture of chopped up beef tendon, crispy beef tendon and the parsley. 
Yes, I do love a large amount of white pepper in my corn and fish congee (Rice Porridge).

This was pretty much Fish and Chips without the Chips for breakfast. $3+tax for the Deep Fried Sliced Fish.

I am looking at Very Fair's Breakfast/Lunch Menu and this is called "Dumpling Stuffed with Juicy Scallop". Danny's father offered me this and I asked him if it contained any pork. He shyly said, "It has a little bit of pork...." Nice Try! 
Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf... This has rice and pork in it.
Fried Dough or Oil Sticks

Har Gow or Steamed Shrimp Dumpling for only $2 when you arrive during the weekday for breakfast or lunch.

I changed the camera light setting because I felt this is what is actually looked like. It took me a while to get the translucent effect. 

Rice Roll with Tofu
Dad ordered Congee with Minced Pork
I am unsure what this mystery meat was...

This place deserves a solid 4.0/5.0. Their interior decorations may be cheesy. However, they have quality, authentic Chinese food. It's clean where people dine but can spend more time maintaining the washrooms. It's always busy here. 

For more information:

Very Fair Chinese

4002 Sheppard Ave E 
Toronto, ON M1S4R5
(416) 332-1861

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