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Monday, April 7, 2014

Galleria Korean SuperMarket (York Mills)

Hello everyone and those who are interested in Korean foods and things!
It's starting to become sunny in Toronto! Last night, Danny and I planned to go to the Galleria at York Mills. He was interested in the closing sale of the take out food items like Korean sushi and I was craving for sushi.

We arrived around 8:45pm at the market.

So Cute!
These were the produce on sale right at the entrance.
I got 2 Fuji Apples. I love Red Delicious and Fuji Apples are my favourite!

My mom used to make me eat these when I lived with my parents. It's really crunch and fibrous.

Just taking photos of Korean herbs for my own reference in the future and to have an idea of their prices. I thought for those who are interested in Korean Culinary may be curious about this as well so I decided to post this. My father  likes the Donnamul in stone pot rice mixed with seasonal marinated vegetables.
I have no idea what this is good for at the moment. 
I had no idea Korea had their own kale leaves.

LOL! Is Galleria placing the word, "Korean" in front of everything? 

Samhyook Organic Soy Bean Sprout is the best! They are organic and you can tell they use high quality beans. It's best served as a side dish or as soup. I use the stock of the soy bean sprout soup to create my spicy rice cake sauce if the opportunity arises. It makes the sauce tastier and add some natural mild sweetness from it's broth. I discovered this by an accident. :P

Another one of my favourite food items to get is the Organic Sliced King Oyster Mushrooms. Cook it in some oil and oyster sauce and it's a vegetarian delight in your mouth! Sometimes, Galleria does cook the Oyster Mushrooms this way and serve it to the public as a free sample during the weekend. I swear to God, you can walk out of  Galleria feeling satisfied from several taste tests. 

Cute Chart
Of course, they got imported China from Korea. 

It's pricey but they are high quality!

Asian drinks. I like calpico!

Japan and Korea has a thing for milky, weak coffees that are chilled and sweetened.

The current prices of different cut of meats.
Korea has a thing for Pork Belly.

I love Ox Tail !!!
Short Rib is good for BBQ + Rice+ Homemade Miso Sauce + Lettuce as a Wrap = Yumminess from Heaven!

This crab waved Hello to me.

I had no idea that Salted Shrimp actually had health benefits.

I have been looking all over for this! Korean Chunky Miso beans (Chung Guk JJang)!

I keep my eye on the rice cookers. I got to redeem my galleria points in the future.
I like looking at these kid-friendly cutlery.
I looove Canned Mackerel! Which one to choose?
I ended up choosing the cheapest one.

Korean Tuna is soo good!

Hey! I saw Kevin's Taiyaki at PAT Market in Korea town located near Christie Station. 
Taiyaki and Boong -O-Pang are the same thing if you're confused.
Taiyaki= Japanese word
Boong -O-Pang = Korean word

They all taste good! My favourite would probably be the waffle fish with the green bean filling. I tried the Black Bean and it was really dense and thick. I had to take sips of water in between my bites. 

I got this and it turned out that the blueberry filling was pie filling. It tasted like a pound cake with the pie filling. I did not enjoy it.

I tried Tiramisu cake. I thought it was alright.
But this is Choco-Pie, Korea's favourite treat! If you watch Korean movies or dramas (soap opera/shows) you see a character pulling these Choco-pies out to celebrate one's birthday or something. 

I love this but it can be messy to eat. It can be quite crumbly.

One of my favourite Korean snacks. It's literally translates to "Whale's meal" or "Whale's Rice". It's like Gold fish crackers but its not really a cracker. It's more of a potato chip that is shaped into sea urchins and creatures. There used to be a third flavour in the 1990's but I guess it's discontinued or no longer sold in Canada.

Korean Traditional Snacks
Brown Rice Puff Cracker! I never seen this coming.
I am accustomed seeing white rice puffs like these.

Kevin makes Mochie too? What doesn't Kevin make?

We were so disappointed because by the time Danny and I arrived at Galleria, their To Go Food section and Sushi was all gone. Additionally the bakery appeared to be closed quite a while ago. I was so sad and disappointed. We were about to cash out and I saw there were bread baskets infront of the cashier.
Guess what I found? 
The last deep fried hot dog and it was 30% off! Score! :)

Not on sale.
Not on sale.

Galleria had interesting flowers so I took a snapshot.

MELONA!!! Which flavour do you like ??

First, it was the melon flavour that initially was launched, then banana, then strawberry and I don't know the rest but clearly, Toronto still loves Melona.

When I was young and growing up in Toronto, B-B-BIG was like the only Korean frozen treat! So it was either BBBIG Bars or some Korean slushy that was contained in a plastic bottle dispensers that were super sweet. It sucked being a Korean born Canadian in the 90's. I am very grateful and glad that now we had access to all sorts of different Korean ice creams and frozen treats. Korean Ice Creams are not as sweet as the Western Ice Creams so if you got sensitive teeth, cavities or just don't like your sweets too sweet, Korean Ice cream is for you.

I tried this. I love it!

My current fave Ice Cream!
I was reading this and I was like Hey! This is the Ice Cream from that Weird Korean Ice Cream Commercial. The female model in this commercial became an actress. I saw her in Cinderella's Sister (a Korean soap opera) and House Maid from Netflicks (Crazy psycho-thiller sexy movie).

Super Cool Korean Ice Cream Commercial CF

Cinderella's Stepsister Full Trailer

Korean Movie (The Housemaid. 2010)" Main Trailer

LOL! Has anyone tried this? JAWS!!

I am interested in trying these series of Cheesecake ice creams.

Korea has a thing for sweet potato, chestnuts and other flavours you wouldn't think can be a dessert flavour.
Ok, so the way how this works if the market has a night sale where they try to get rid of everything that is a to-go meal or sushi.

Starting at 7:00 pm sushi goes on sale
Starting at 7:30 pm for other foods go on sale

Check out the price guys!

We are definitely going to shop around 6-7pm next time.

The deep fried hot dog was still pretty good. The bakery makes them around the noon time so don't expect any deep fried hot dogs until it's 12:30 pm or later.

For more information:

865 York Mills Road,
Toronto, ON
M3B 1Y6
Hours of operation: Sunday to Saturday from 7AM to Midnight

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