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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Bagel #2

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Hello everyone!
Danny and I decided to visit Happy Bagel. I believe it was his third or fifth time at Happy Bagel. The place was bustling with customers.
Sorry these shots were taken by my cellphone camera!
My favourite one is the one filled with potato!

Next time, I plan to have both of these! I'm not too crazy over raisins but I know it's alright with cream cheese.

These came piping hot out of the oven. Pastries and bread tastes the best when it's fresh! Yum! I love Apple Strudels!

I actually purchased the pink dog ginger bread man. After playing the game cookie run on my tablet, I strangely started craving for a gingerbread man cookie. 

The pumpernickel bagel is my favourite along with their sesame bagel. 

Flaky goodness for breakfast!

Fresh Lox (Smoked Salmon) Cream cheese with tomato and cucumbers.

It's one of the freshest sandwiches you can access in Toronto where everything is fresh! The cucumbers were crunch, juicy with excellent. It really does make a difference when the vegetables are fresh and has good turgid cells
Potato Bourekas.... another wonderful food item to snack on. 
This was in the One Day Old on Sale pile. We gladly snatched it.

The filling reminded me of mashed potato with some black pepper.
They still have wonderful pastries, their workers were friendly and efficient and I would definitely return to Happy Bagel again. 

For more information:

Happy Bagel
4949 Bathurst St
North York, ON M2R 1Y1
(416) 733-2936

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