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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Johnvince Foods

Hello everyone!
So I recalled my Aunt talking about Johnvince Food Store when I asked her where she purchases her nuts from. I was in the area when I happened to pass by Johnvince. You can't miss it!

How can you drive by this place without stopping to check it out?

There is a Planters car!

It just looks really cool from the outside. I wish all food buildings were like this.
You know they sell Planter Peanuts, Oh Henrys, Kisses, Jolly Ranchers and more before you even take a step into the building!


Pecans in shell!

I have NEVER seen pecans still in its shell. Very interesting! 
I bet these are to die for because they are super fresh!
Hmm... Almond in shell
I also never seen almonds in their shells.

Since Easter time is coming by, they had a lot of easter theme candies.
Coffee Beans
More barrels of coffee beans

I love walnuts. My mother used to jokingly say, "Walnuts are good for your brains because it looks like brains!"

Remember Nerds?!
Childhood memories from the past are flooding in of me going to 7 Eleven after school to purchase some old school candy.

Lol! Grandmother's strawberry candies!

Next time, I'm getting some Honey Roasted Pecans!

Hey guys! Doesn't this remind you of the app game, Doodle Jump?!

More Easter Themed Candies!

Note to self- Return to Johnvince when I start baking! :)

These were huge Nutella jars!
Cute! :)
Now you can carry Nutella wherever you go!

Remember that movie about Jawbreakers and how a girl got kidnapped by her friends. They placed a jawbreaker in the kidnapped girl's mouth. I don't want to spoil the movie but yes, there was a movie about this candy.

I saw Arnie in person that day I visited Johnvince.

They sell Haribo gummy candies!!!

Remember when Big Food, Fuzzy Peaches and Hot Lips used to be 0.05 cents per candy at the convenience store?

Danny's favourite!

Ah, a way to cheat making roses for your cupcakes and cakes.

I love Jelly Belly!

I took photos of several pastas.

They had a small cafeteria which wasn't opened at the time I was there.

LOL! They sell Fried Chicken.

Yes! I found Buffalo Wing Shakers! This girl from my high school friend's wedding introduced me to the Buffalo Wing Shaker. It's actually pretty good! I am glad I found it again. 2 Shakers for $5 isn't bad at all.

These are jello powders.

For some reason, I can't find Ringalo Chips in the supermarkets anymore.
So I purchased a couple of scoops of the Ringalos. Surprisingly, they tasted pretty fresh. Danny almost ate my Ringalos and I had to stop him. :P

Cassave Chips are good but they can be pricey!


Arnie's Cookies and Creme Protein Bars

Danny was very interested in these.

Yes! Corn nuts!

Sweet! There are samples!

A Chocolate bunny Family!

This is a HUGE Chocolate Bunny!
It was this big!

I would definitely return to Johnvince with a huge shopping list. We spent about $50 in total of snacks, nuts and etc.

For more information:

Johnvince Foods

555 Steeprock Dr, North York, ON M3J 2Z6
(416) 636-6146

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