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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mucho Burrito

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Hello Burrito Lovers!
Whenever I am craving for a burrito, one of the closest burrito place that Dan and I usually hit is the Mucho Burrito.

They got tacos, burritos and more!
Seat areas
The restaurant was fairly clean.
Looks like the cilantro is out. As you can see there are toppings such as corn, guacamole salsa and more.
More filling options but the lids are on. 

I didn't want to overeat so I split the burrito with Danny.

My favourite Mucho Buritto is the Chicken Buritto! Danny added some hot sauce which kept my mouth burning even after the burrito was devoured.

It was a pretty good. Mucho Burrito is known for their quantity and size of burritos. The taste of the burrito ranged from okay to good. I would still say my favourite burrito of all time is Burrito Bandidos due to the quality but there isn't one in Scarborough so we stick with Mucho for now. The staff seems bogged with work. The customer service wasn't so great and it was hard to capture their attention. There was a huge difference from their quality of customer service. I believe the last time I visited was closer to their grand opening so they were well staffed for the event. I would still return to Mucho Burrito whenever I get a craving for a burrito. 

For more information:

Mucho Burrito

1780 Markham Road 
Toronto, ON M1B2W2
(416) 609-8246

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