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Monday, April 7, 2014

Pho 88 #2

Hello Pho Lovers!
The snow is meling the sun is shining. I was in the mood to have Pho 88. I haven't had it for 3-4 years? It's been so long that I cannot recall.

So my favourite Pho 88 is located at North York Station (near Mel Lastman Square).
I was the first customer there. 

Condiments and sauces
I ordered the Chicken Deep Fried Spring Roll. This is one of my favourites! 

I took my time eating the springs rolls because they were so hot and fresh! :)

I usually order my regular Pho with rare meat. By the time the bowl arrives to your table it is half cooked.

Say "Ahhhh..." and open your mouth for me. I will feed you.

I added the chilli oil so you might see the globules of red oil.

A random shot of a truck. I thought it was funny. "Ho Ho Ho Products". They are missing a picture of Santa Claus on the truck. :P

I give this place 4.5/5.0!!! I can see that their service and their food had been quite consistent over the years. I wish I can give these guys a trophy for their great service and food. The atmosphere appeared to be a lounge-like restaurant which was kept clean.  You can tell that this place has customers because when you're about to take a seat, some of the seats have been worn and torn. They could really use some new furniture. Other than that, please drop by when you're in the North York station area.

For more information:

Pho 88

5197 Yonge Street 
North York, ON M2N 5P8

(416) 225-8899

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