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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sushi Maru Ramen

Hello Sushi and Ramen Lovers!
Last weekend, I  visited a friend and she took me out to Sushi Maru Ramen.
When I googled "Sushi Maru Ramen" it led me to "Sushi Maru" website. I am unsure if it was going under new management.

Looks great on the outside.
Lol! Some of the Sushi fell off of the display board! 
Fancy Menu
There is butter in the Ramen. Did anyone try this?
It appeared to be a new restaurant. The atmosphere was really beautiful. It gave me a sense that this was a family restaurant, a sense of lounge and also can be a romantic restaurant if you would like it to be.

Some places were kinda of dim. I guess this is where you would want to sit if you have a date. 
Pickled Onions? I didn't eat it.

Spicy Salmon Roll 

The colour of my friend's sushi reminds me of nature. It sort of appears like there are lady bugs sitting on top of her sushi. She had the option to get brown rice for her sushi. 
I tried to look up what my friend ordered on their official website but it's not listed.
She ordered a sushi roll that has the word, "Diablo" in it and Gosh was it spicy!

LOL! Do I see Jalepeno peppers?! My mom call Jalepeno, "Jal-lep-peno" lol!

I can't remember what the boys ordered. I know one of them is a Shoyu Ramen! Oh Shucks! I hate it when I can't remember what the order was. I'm sorry guys!

I normally have a healthy (sometimes large) appetite. My friend fed me before we decided to go to Sushi Maru Ramen. So I was really stuffed and I really wasn't sure if I should even eat. 
I finally decided to order the Sushi Appetizer (5 pieces).

Isn't it beautiful! I love colourful food! It's art!

This was my favourite piece that night! The fatty salmon! Look at all of that fat intact! *Pavlov's drooling dogs randomly jump into the scene with their salivating all over the place* Just thinking about this sushi piece is making me drool.

All of the sushi pieces were fresh and delicious!
I enjoyed all of them!

Wasabi and ginger
And one last shot before this is gone.... Yum! 

Sushi Maru

115 Times Avenue,
Thornhill, ON
L3T 0A2

(905) 882-1110

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