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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Very Fair #6

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Hello Chinese Food Lovers!
I went to Very Fair again but I had to blog about this visit. Dad went crazy with the ordering because it was Grandma's birthday. He ordered so many food items that I was feeling overwhelmed for the first time in my life in a restaurant. The servers had a difficult time rearranging the food on our table.

Peanuts and Picked vegetables (Radishes and carrots)
You see these often in Vietnamese Subs. It is common among the Japanese and Korean Culture as well but it's just pickled radish and it is sliced differently and slightly pickled differently. 

The peanuts tasted stale.  :(

The server showed us the lobster and walked away really quickly. I caught a blurry shot of our future dinner. Usually Fine Dining Chinese Restaurants will show you the lobster to their customers to confirm the size before they start cooking it. 

Corn and Fish Congee (My Favourite Congee here at Very Fair)
One of the cousins was sick and he couldn't eat anything but the congee. Poor guy! He didn't even want to take leftovers home.
Pork Soup as appetizer
Tadaah! The Peking Duck has arrived on a tray!
It's so glossy! :) :) :)
Condiments for the Duck (Hoison Sauce, Juicy Fresh Cucumbers and Green Onion)

What's faster? My Canon Camera or Dad and his Chopsticks?
Beef with Mushrooms
Fried Fish
I have to ask Dad what type of fish this is but it has numerous set of bones so you've got to take your time eating this. I notice that I eat the fish slowly then I realize how much I am pigging out and I cut down on how much I eat.

Battered Deep Fried Lobster has landed from the kitchen! *Michie hails to the lobster*

My mouth is salivating right now!
Green peppper, mushroom, shallots and beef cooked with black bean sauce. Yum! Dad usually orders this but I disliked it because the meat was very tough in the past and it was extremely salty. Well, today it was excellent! The best ever!

The beef was soft, tender, juicy and it didn't have this overly salted taste to it. 
I guess there may be benefits to behave like a camera whore while eating out. The servers see someone is taking pictures and they want to make a good impression so they do a better job.
Isn't the lobster beautiful? The red contrasts perfectly with the green onions. This is art right there.

My last piece of the beef before it is totally consumed.
Peking Duck!!!

You make it like a mini soft taco!
I like my Peking Duck with everything but raw green onions.

Mysterious greens.
I tried to grab the easiest part of the lobster to eat. :)
Could that be?
Yes! It's sweet and sour chicken! The best in the GTA!
This is my desktop background for my desktop computer. LOL!
Other parts of the Peking Duck.

Authentic Chinese Plum Sauce. I didn't like it. It was actually quite fruity and herby to my tongue.
Egg with Shrimp

Oh look at that piece!!!!

Shrimp enrobed with egg.
Dad, how much more are you going to order?
Beef Chow Mein. Poor Cousin Kenny looks distressed from his flu and the amount of food on the table. 

Traditional Fried Chicken

The Chow Mein was hot, fresh and crispy!

One of my favs at Very Fair! Fried Rice with Chicken.

Mine! :P
My last piece of the lobster for the night. :)

For more information:

Very Fair Chinese

4002 Sheppard Ave E 
Toronto, ON M1S4R5
(416) 332-1861

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