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Friday, July 25, 2014

Irish Embassy Pub & Grill

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Hello my Irish and Fish and Chips Friends!

One of Danny's friend had an expired Groupon and given it to us. Thank you thank you! Fish and Chips is Danny's favourite food and we were very grateful we had the opportunity to visit the Irish Embassy. His friend has an excellent taste in food!

I did walk past the Irish Embassy but I was too intimidated visiting this place because of the fine  artistic details of architect and the columns. I did notice a large billboard in the area advertising this place.

They had a Bar and Television section and the restaurant section.

We ordered Kilkenny Battered Haddock Fish And Chips. It arrived with  
Fresh Cut Fries, House Coleslaw and Homemade Tartar Sauce.

I'm not a big fan of capers. 

Irish Nachos   
Potato Waffle Chips, Ground Beef, Aged Cheedar Cheese & Green Onion
I didn't like the Guacamole. It tasted strange to me.

I was in love with the Nachos! It tasted like a real chip! Crispy on the outside, soft in the inside.
That chip was marbled nicely with shredded cheese.

Look at thick the cut is!

Even their fries were cut thick.

Try the Fish!

I noticed the fish was very flaky. I am unsure if this is a  good or bad thing.

Stretch my melted cheese!

Still stretching!

The food defeated us. The Tartar Sauce was soo dreamy creamy delicious that we asked for an extra and took it home with along with the leftovers.

We arrived home to eat more!
Yes! And we had Chocolate Mousse from the downstairs dessert shop at the St. Lawrence Market.

Cappuccino Chocolate Mousse

The mousses were both delicious and we felt the Tiramisu effect on us.

I would give 4.0/5.0 stars to the Irish Embassy. I would return there again. I would order the same exact food items. Our server was nice and attentive. The place was executed well. The food was great and tasty. Just try not to eat anything before you visit this place because the food is heavy on the stomach.

Irish Embassy Pub and Grill

Address:  49 Yonge St Toronto, ON M5E 1J1

Phone: (416) 866-8282

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