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Monday, July 14, 2014

Montréal, Quebec- Frite Alors!

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Hello everyone! Sorry about the late posts! I have gotten busy and I was trying to figure out how to create watermarks for my food photos. 

A friend took me out to Frite Alors! while I had a mini vacation in Montréal, Quebec.  You need to say "Frite Alors!" in an enthusiastic voice because it has an exclamation mark at the end and once you try their poutines, you will understand.

Their basement restaurant has a few flights of stairs you need to climb. For those who have special needs with their mobility, you may struggle and might opt to take-out.

Entrance area...

As you can see, a lot of the young folks come here to consume deep fried goodness.

I love the layout of their Menu!  A lot of illustrations! That is how a menu should be!
L'Andalouse Homemade Sauce is pretty much "Fancy Sauce" from one of my favourite movies"The Step Brothers" starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. 

I love Will Ferrell!

Click to view the YouTube clip posted above. There is a deleted scene in the clip, by the way and you might want to skip the first scene.

Nice! They got a Monday to Friday Special Deals of the Day. 
Now I have a reason to spend a week in Montréal. 

Beer for my friend's hubby.

A Large Poutine Au Homard

A close up shot of the creamy goodness.

Say "Aww..." and take a bite of the Lobster meat!
What? It isn't Lobster meat? It's the fake Lobster meat from Asian Supermarkets? Sneaky sneaky Frite Alors!

It tasted creamy with the essence of the sea.

Okay, there was some real Lobster meat present in this photo. So they mixed fake and real lobster meat in their poutine. I was a bit disapppointed because I was expecting the real stuff for the price of $15.90 + Tax + Tip. 
I didn't like it and I don't think I would order the lobster poutine here again. 

A Small La Montréalaise

I think this was the best poutine I ever in my life! The meat was hot, tender, fresh and salted to the perfection. The cheese curds sang squeaky songs cheerfully in my mouth. It was an interesting sensation that the cheese curds squeaked as you chew.

Now I want you to try a bite of the Smoked Meat Poutine.

You want another bite? Okay, but this is the last one for tonight! :D

Frite Alors!

Address: 1562 Ave Laurier E  Montréal, QC H2J

Phone: (514) 524-6336

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