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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Moxie's Classic Grill - Fairview Mall

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am back! I've got preoccupied with some things but I never stopped eating out and taking photos.

I will be doing another major catch up on my blogs so I will be uploading more entries soon.

A friend was visiting from out of town and we decided to go to Moxie's because of convenience.  
We started off with their Peach Bellinis.
We weren't too hungry so we shared Fish Tacos and Fries.

Fries were good!
A bit of sunlight on my fries...

The Fish Tacos were alright but it wasn't memorable. It was very messy to eat but I didn't mind getting my hands dirty. The taco was very filling but regularly if I'm hungry, I'm not thinking about Moxies. It's more of a social drinking place to me. 

The place was clean and the service was great! I would return to this place. I would rate it 3.0/5.0. I just wish there would be better food. I was hoping the Fish in my Fish Tacos were battered.

Moxie's Classic Grill - Fairview Mall

Address: 11800 Sheppard Ave E #1082a, 
Toronto, ON M2J 5A7

Phone:+1 866-581-7765


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