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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pho Double Eight

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Hello everyone! 
I had been to Pho Double Eight because Dan wanted to take me there. He told me that it was the best Pho restaurant in the Scarborough District and it's usually packed with customers.

Outside view of the Restaurant...
Don't you love it when everything is at your table and you don't have to bug your server. There was only one server when we were present at the restaurant but someone put some thought into making things efficient.
I did not think to take a photo of this but underneath each table is a metal binder ring full of menu ordering forms. So if you want to order something additional, you mark what food items you want on the menu ordering forms and hand it over to the server.
We wanted to avoid rush hour and arrived around 1pm (I consider Rush Hour after 3pm) and there resturant was approximately 40% full.
We sat on the empty side. Yesss!!!

I was reading on UrbanSpoon ( that someone felt that Pho Double Eight had unfair portions. Perhaps I should have a measuring tape key chain with me but their medium Pho was quite fair to me.  
As you can see the diameter of the bowl is almost elbow to wrist.
We ordered regular Pho. 

I believe this was vegetarian spring rolls with fish sauce.

Danny couldn't believe there was no meat inside. The Spring Rolls landed on our table, piping hot, fresh, crispy and very flavourful. I felt there was no need to dip it in the fish sauce because it had a lot of salt.. 

Close your eyes, have a bite and taste all of the flavours and texture being unified in your mouth. I love basil!

The rice noodle texture was cooked perfectly! Not overly done and it's soft, chewy and retains its form.
Would I return to Pho Double Eight? Yes I would! I would recommend this to everyone! The Pho arrived at our table within 10 minutes of placing the order and it was absolutely delicious! The broth tasted homemade. I had some really bad Beef Pho where it tasted like the chef cranked open a can of beef broth and that is how he/she made Pho Soup. 
If I am ever craving for Pho, I would probably think of Pho Double Eight first, then Pho 88. I know it's confusing but they aren't the same restaurants.
I would rate this place 5.0/5.0. The place looked clean to my eyes when I visited. I had no complaints, just smiles. The price was fair, it was about $10 for a bowl of noodle. How can anyone complain?

Pho Double Eight
Address: 325 Bamburgh Cir  Toronto, ON M1W3N2

Phone: (416) 497-8899

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